Working Out Loud on Spot the Future> What we are doing this week!

  1. Reaching out to people in our networks to get involved in the Spot the Future of Armenia, Egypt and Georgia. There are several points of entry
  2. Pushing out the calls for participation on Social Media using \#futurespotters. Think about how to engage people on different levels
    • Low threshold: Just ask people to ping us about projects and people we could then reach out to using a hashtag. Example tweet (please personalise and translate)
      • Which \#Armenia \#Egypt \#Georgia based projects, places and people in should we make sure we include in ? Ping us using \#futurespotting
    • Mid-threshold:  Ask people to help us showcase the green new shoots that are growing in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia in the Spot the Future Website.
      • Notice something differnt about website from yesterday? Yes the photos are different :) It's designed to function as a gallery, a window to show the world things you love about where you are. It can be nature, but it can be people, places and things. Format: High resolution image + 1-2 paragraphs + URL. Submit to:
      • Want your work to be featured in the Spot the Future film?(See the one we made for \#lote3) Submit a short text introducing yourself, what you do and how you are currently making a living here
    • High Threshold:
      • Shape the public debate: Move the discussion from problems towards solution by telling the world about inspiring projects and the people behind them. Submit a well-relsearched article and participate in the workshops and International conference in Tiblisi to present your part of the future being built far outside the mainstream. 
      • Set the agenda so it works for you: Get involved in a grassroots movement to align all our activities so they contribute towards building the world we want. Take actionUse the workshops to Identify shared challenges and hidden resources for taking them on with your peers. Share your story with 2000+ people 40 countries, put your experiences of different ways of doing things on the table (what works, what's a waste of time?).

A few thoughts on the hows and whys…

Edgeryders exists to enable us to come together, inspire one another and help each other, p2p.  And we take this mission very seriously. Spot the future will generate research results, it already has (ask @Khatuna). And the outcome of our work will be better than anything else on the market. But we don’t do discussion for discussions sake. There are loads of spaces where you can do that. On and offline. Edgeryders is all about figuring out what we need to get done, and then making it happen together. This platform is a platform for collaboration. We know it works, people we’ve got an unMonastery actually up an running?!?. We know it can work even better.

So I am asking everyone involved in this project to please reflect on what you personally want to see coming out of this.   Besides whatever professional results that you are accountable for. The big challenges you really care about and want to take on. And then use this as an opportunity to help yourself and everyone affected figure out what our experiences together tell us about how to take them on.

Me I put my heart and soul into Everything we do with Edgeryders. Nothing we do is neutral as far as Im concerned. This is how I kicked off my Spot the Future Journey. Find your own voice, and then run with it!