WORKING OUT LOUD on the Agency> Social media Engagement for Edgeryders vs Spot The Future vs the Agency

Hi everyone, hope you have had a good week.

Now the site is up I have a little more headspace i wanted to communicate with clarity to help manage everyone’s expectations so they are aligned with the aims and objectives of Edgeryders.

While ensuring everyone in the Agency is doing what they enjoy the most and efforts are aligned to generate revenue to pay for people’s time in the longer run.

  1. First have a look at this checklist for the online community builders (Vahagn in Armenia, Inge in Georgia and t.b.c. for Egypt): work of going through Spot the Future content & picking out what to highlight is not on you.
  2. Second there is day to day work to implement Saids social media plan. There is a budget set aside for this to be implemented over three months (3500USD= 3000 USD for One person to work part time plus 500 USD for expenses subject to approval per item). And then if the results are there then we could reniew the engagement.
  3. Third is the work of building the Agency and external client base for it to it to cover the cost of time spent iun helping community member's projects with great communication. For example the ongoing CSR discussion with Simone. We've put in a seed budget of 2000 USD that you guys can use to cover your own time for getting this off the ground or put into expenses. Whatever, it's up to you.

What I need from @Daniel Vaarik , @Dorotea and @saidhamideh is to agree on a gameplan for getting the agency off the ground and who is respondible for doing what to get it up and running. That way i understand how to best support you guys. I think here it would be Daniel and Dorotea in the lead as Said needs to start implementing the social media plan (also because everyone else is spread very thin and we really need this taken care of).

Maybe start by having a look at what will become and discussing the contents to get the ideas going? Then let’s try to do a google hangout towards the end of this week to get an idea of how I and the rest of the community can get behind the efforts…works?