Checklist and tools for online community building

Daily checklist

  1. Check for new posts and comments in : Arrivals, Making a Living, We the People and Caring for commons. Read every new post and comment. Leave a comment on each one.
  2. Put interesting/engaging content that you found in the 4 groups on the social media calendar for the next day. Including posts like Daniel's and Noemi's. Take a little time to package it in a social media friendly format (with aim of enaging more people to sign up and participate)
  3. Tweet and status update FB event pages for Armenia, Egypt and Georgia with content from the social media calendar in your own language.
  4. Check people's posts on FB in event page and encourage them to sign up on edgeryders to get to know the community/join the conversation there as well as help find more interesting stories through people in their own networks. If they have trouble navigating the website or need more help, send them or the weekly hangout.

Keeping track of how you are doing

  • The aim is to secure relevant content and engagement: Overall number per country is 35 in total
  • Ability to achieve the above targets depends on how active you are online as well as offline. We've set up a google analytics dashboard (email for access) to help you see how you're doing. Look at it often, everyday.
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