Working Out Loud: OPENandChange workshops in Thessaloniki, Brussels and Berlin!

We launched OPENandChange last week as a deeply participatory application building process in response to the MacArthur’s Foundation 100 million dollar prize to a project solving a key global crisis. Candidate solution: provision of care services by communities equipped with open source knowledge and technology. We are building a swarm of grassroots initiatives and submitting in a partnership by October 3rd.

We’re on the lookout for projects which contribute towards one or more dimensions of wellbeing and care - including, but not limited to nutrition & health, intergenerational care, psychosocial wellbeing, opensource/ DIY medicines or medical kits or devices or assistive tech, new economics of care, decentralized health services, new insurance models, open biomedicine and so on.

How are we going to meet initiatives and put together the application? Well, we are going on tour and hosting workshops next month - for storytelling around initiatives and seeing how they fit together in the same proposal.

  • Sept 3 - 4 Thessaloniki, coordinated by @Pavlos 
  • Sept 10 - 11 Brussels, coordinated by @Yannick 
  • Sept 17 - 18 Berlin, coordinated by @marcoclausen, @Caroline & co.

Coordinators are now reaching out to their networks and inviting them along. OPEN&Change will only succeed if we get inspiring stories and projects up online, so people can then meet and do actual work at a low coordination cost.

To make sure we progress steadily, here is how anyone can be involved:

  1. [10 min task] Register to participate in one of the workshops (physically) by filling in the registration form - it leads to scheduling a skype interview with @Natalia_Skoczylas to get your story up online so we have time to meet each other, respond, ask questions, poke holes etc before we meet.
  2. [2 hour task] If you have a project, get interviewed and/or interview an initiative yourself (online). Even if you can't make it to the workshops, you can still be involved. This is the key step for anyone to get on record as a potentially strong partner in the application. To start, register for the process
  3. [3 mins/ regular] We need a social media upbeat (online) to reach the most ambitious, community led projects out there. Please join this mailing list to receive social shares that you can quickly spread:

Let me know if I’m missing something…