Workshop Summary Medenine (Tunisia)

“We must understand the right meaning of Initiatives as well as leadership, the right Environment also is so important to create conditions in order to be a leader, and how much is important to have the right equipment.”

Despite of the bad weather conditions and the heavy rain, dozen young participants, showed up for the open village workshop that took place in Medenine. They came with high desire to learn and explore new ways and opportunities to bring a positive change into their home town.

What each participant said about themselves

Cards : leisure culture sport, economic balance, peace of mind and fear

For me the economic balance : Give you your Independence
Help you to complete your missions effectively and efficiently
I am interested in culture and specially drama
I have made researches in drama and I want to create a meditation , dancing and drama school since Meditation dance and drama can help me to reach my peace of mind .
Cards : neighborhood relations, personal activities and initiatives, commitment in society

I am committed a little bit and I want be more engaged in meaningful activities and I am not so satisfied by what is offered by the association and I realy want to make the difference and promote the concept of activism in my neighberhood cause it ‘s realy a new concept .
I am already a volunteer in two tunisian associations charity and Esme3ni…
In culture, tourism, economy and initiative related to youth.

Cards: leisure / culture/ sport ,peace of mind & fear , meeting listening/ being supportive

Communication is the main sort to live with the people , we can’t coexist without communication. I’m working in my communicational skills but for the moment I think I have the skills I need to achieve my goals. I want to improve my skills to achieve my future goals .
For me being supportive means Help , communication, give, share, listen and suggest

  • I can define culture as the way we live together and coexist , the principles we fight for.
  • I am fighting for the values of anti-violence, peace, supporting persons in need .
  • I have my own philosophy which is
  • The most thing I’m fear of is that others are disappointed from me
  • I think that peace is the language of world, it is very important that starts from my inner peace.

Discussion :

Hajeur : “What I can notice is : Ines is a helpful girl she wants to help people she really believes in sharing , for Nidhal I saw some common points between us which is the communication, he has an artistic soul and he is so emotional.”

Najib : “I am interested about what Ali Sahnoun said, the way he presents the problem and the resolution of them, and it works for him, he works on many fields (theatre, social…) and for Zmorda, I am interested about how she has new concepts and perspective in seeing things ”

Zmorda:”We have had a series of workshops, in here people focus on social problem that concerns the whole community, I am impressed, we belong to the same country but they care more about the community
The biggest reflexion is how to move these emotions into actions”

Hajeur :” we are here the, community is here but we don’t have the technics and the strategies to turn it into actions…)”

@nadia : “Every single problem that matters to you is a good place to start because it has filters to many other things to do, that was the point of the exercises to see what matters to you: WHICH ARE THE SPECIFIC PROBLEMS THAT MATTERED TO YOU?”

Hajer: “we have a conservative society, from the outside, but in the inside we are not”
Ammar:”I took the Shame card: people here are ashamed from themselves, the youth in here are like that, they need to get rid of that and accept themselves, a girl is a second priority in here and it is hard for a woman to prove herself and she is always judged, and this is passed from generation to another, we are told how to behave, to act, complexed, but we need to love ourselves and feel like we are satisfied about ourselves , and to change that we need to work on the mentality and give him the space to act and initiatives to understand themselves / People don’t support each other, and those people are the elderly of the people) / WE need people that support us, even with a good word, and a small act… we need more soft skills … and learn that people need from their mistakes and not the opposite”

Ali: “I choose infrastructure because in Medenine there is no correct infrastructure, it is week, entertaining spaces, green zones where the youth can gather in and have festivals to mobilize the youth, the already existing cultural coffee shops are empty because the owner he gathers his close friends and then done! No thinking of the whole community “

Hajeur:”The background of the society: we are a new society that is trying to discover itself, we are Bedouins so even the bureaucratic of this region is new, we still have a weird communication style, and tribes are taking control over the city… we need to work on the civil society ,because it is helping us to communicate more… this is why we don’t know how to share exactly, because we don’t really understand each other: My card is: I am not able to choose one over one, but I will talk about economy because we need more investments, government’s attention, the culture which is important in sharing and know how to communicate and separate objectivity from subjectivity, focus on communication, and to create a balanced economy and culture where we need to know how to co-live with our own selves…”

Nidhal: ”The mentality in Medenine misses the innovation, you will always have someone giving negative feedbacks; we only repeat each other’s projects, and second: we lack good communication skills
Because in such an opportunity such as the workshop, we are enabled to discover each other, since we are used to judging other people without even knowing them”

Ines:” The problematic in Medenine, lack of entertainment tools, Job, Study … and even if there was a movement in the society but it still missing a lot of work! People know don’t understand what is the civil society about, where they don’t understand the procedures followed by the associations ( People don’t trust them, they only ask what political party they belong to… ) also the media is messing in a dirty way the image of the associations, also people don’t know the volunteering, they only think of the financial output of it… and don’t know how to do it, (Nejib: people don’t know how to do it …) (Ali: we want a small output of it, and not necessarily money) and I chose personal activities and initiatives: when we ask our colleagues to volunteer they refuse to do so, they don’t want to take initiatives… also the activities in the volunteering work has a huge impact over the human being, when seeing its procedure of how it is helping people or a certain workshop (Anes: It changes the way we see things “

Mohamed :“Information exchange, the world now is based on information so we need to know which information we need and which we don’t, and how to share it.
Transparency: people don’t know how to be transparent with each other, we envy each other we don’t communicate
Employment and work: I am unemployed since two years, I want to learn how to work, and if I didn’t find a job I will launch my business;”

Haykel: “I chose my card without thinking of anyone else, when I finished my college, I had no activities so I wanted to change that and I thought of taking part of what is happening and I started an association with my friends where we met a lot of people and foreign ones, we were moving all over the world, and in Medenine we were called different bad names and descriptions… but I learned from that, and then I felt I have enough knowledge and skills in multimedia and audio-visuals, and I always participate in different workshops in all over Tunisia, I pay for getting knowledge and I am happy for that and I shared my knowledge unlike the people in here who don’t want to share such things usually! Friends were a good thing in my life they helped me get different opportunities, it is where I got my opportunity: an organisation that gives funding for I won a fund and I started my project and the work started from the community I had from the civil society…
However, at a certain time I stopped working on civil society because it was all over the place and we had a lot of them since 2013 they were a lot of associations that it turned into ineffective ones, ( we had some who were professionals, and it was good, but then it turned into a business … during this time, I started to participate in programs that reinforce my skills and capacity … and now we are working a new association that works on entrepreneurship, culture and art.

Zaineb: “I also thought of myself: I chose the family, friends, relationships, self improvement, family and friends are my major support; as for the self-improvement is about how to change myself to change our reality
I can relate to all what they have said, but the most important said thing is the will to change the city and the country and I do believe in that.”
Anes :” I want to discover new things and hear what people think, I want to be present in everything, in the high school there is an average demand for such workshops and activities, I discovered the civil society myself and I loved to participate in it, but my family want me to focus in my studies.
The time I have now it will never be back, so I want to learn as much as I can.”


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Happy time, full of positive vibes … such amazing debate
i really miss that workshop !! Thank you @zmorda @Yosser @nadia
awaiting for the next meeting