In between Brussels, Medenine and Essaouira: Our roadmap to OpenVillage

photo above: from Brussels (October 2017) to Medenine ( December 2017) to Essaouira (Jan-April 2018)

as an online community, “physical” gatherings are quite important specially as we are trying to build a network of physical living communities.

After the last openvillage festival in Brussels, now we are going further in the southern Mediterranean region, with the coming camp in Medenine, Tunisia by the end of December, then the residency program/ retreat starting in January near Essaouira, in Morocco. Edgeryders is building a community in the region and may be the next edgeryders global gathering could be in the region.

##What happened at the festival

check out the festival space on edgeryders to read the documentation for the sessions and the reflections from the participants, if you attended the gathering you can write your own reflections there.

some higlights

  • one of the amazing outcomes is starting an openinsulin chapter in Cameroon in a collaboration between @thomasmboa and @winnieponcelet

  • check out the amazing compact guide to your data secuirty, try to follow the basic recommendation and leave your questions as a comment @Geminiimatt will answer you there.

##The December Camp

@zmorda and @Yosser are leading the organizational issues towards having a good mix of local community from Medenine, Tunisian youth, and some of edgeryders global community together for 3 days to exchange skills and catalyze some local projects. so check out the proposed schedule and propose your own session here
Mark your Calendar, Its happening on the 27th till the 29th

in case you are wondering how the hell this happened and why are we going to small Medenine

this was a result of the online collaboration where @yosser showed up and described her project and why she wants to have a “hub” in her small city; then having a physical workshop conducted by @nadia with @Nejib_Ammar_5 and other enthusiastic youth from the city. As a result, this amazing crowd from the city selforganized themselves and meet the officials, got the acceptance to make such a gathering there and the camp is starting to take shape now.

##Essaouira openvillage house

The next destination is Morocco, more specifically in a quite fishing village near Essaouira. The first prototype of the openvillage house in the southern Mediterranean region is ready for bringing together 12 people interested in working on entrepreneurial and creative opensource projects to co-live, and co-work from.

check out the retreat website to know more info, here is a quick summary.

Projects in House

1- Open Source Optical Coffee Sorter by @matthias
aim of this project is to develop coffee processing tools for small coffee farmers that allow them to earn a much better income by selling the finished coffee product directly to the final consumers. The first tool is a low-cost optical coffee sorter: a small machine that improves coffee quality by sorting out the “bad beans” at a rate of ≥100 kg per day.

You can join the project and work with Matthias in the house.

  • read about the project here and leave comments or questions.

  • join the next community call with Matthias on Wednesday 22nd November and discuss how to move forward.

  • fill in the form for the openvillage academy in case you didn’t

2- Open insulin by @anthony_di_franco @winnieponcelet and Marco

the project is aiming for Developing the first open source protocol to produce insulin simply and economically

For joining the project

  • Read about it here

  • join the community call with @winnieponcelet on Wednesday 6 November

  • and fill in the same openvillage form as well

3- BitCut open source furniture by @m_tantawy
The project started by 2 Egyptian architects trying to find solutions for producing furniture at lower prices, Currently adopting the opencsource methodology to provide a production chain. ( including designs- virtual market- Recycled material- Client- Producer )

As usual for joining

  • Read about the project here and leave your comments, questions

  • Join the community call with Tantawy on the Wednesday 29th November and discuss how to collaborate

  • and as always fill in the same openvillage form

4- Your own Project ?
In order to propose your project, make an edgeryders account and write about your project here

if you don’t have your own project, but you are willing to join and collaborate with other peoples projects, fill in the academy form and introduce yourself here


From January till April 2017 ( Fellows are expected to stay at least one month working from the house. )

Financial support

Travel bursaries are available to Project Leaders and up to 3 Project Collaborators per project through the OpenVillage Fellowship Program

so Join in the ride, find your place in this road and let’s build the openvillage together !


so.useful to read a big picture post and ways to get involved. Looking forward to Medenine for now <33

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