Write description and line up sessions for new Festival theme: Living and Working Well Together


I updated the OpenVillage Fest program page. So far we have two community curators handling two key themes which emerged out of opencare conversations throuhgout last year:

  1. Architectures of Love: Creating the conditions for open care led by @Gehan

  2. Open Science and Citizen Science for more inclusive healthcare led by @WinniePoncelet

Next up:

  1. “Living and Working Well Together” : highly relevant, this emerges at the intersection of building physical spaces for coliving/coworking and ensuring wellbeing in community. I titled it in honor of @johncoate 's recent blog posts (thanks!!).

What we need over the next week

We need a good outline for the theme + fitting sessions. I tentatively assign this task to Woodbine because it seems this is up their street. More than a space where for co-habitation or learning together, they are involved in running a place where activities are directed at providing care - preventative, through peer learning and building capacity which system healthcare lacks.

The sessions, demos and panels can be built from the following key stories (… and more out there, not yet on edgeryders!):

How to curate a theme?

Process and instructions for curators are here.

Taking on this task gets you a Full Pass to the festival and potentially a Fellowship. Guys, let me know what you think? The rest of us, can we spread the word?


@Damiano you mentioned during a community call that we’d need a better overview of what the festival can be about… check the program page now, click around and advise if it’s clearer as a work in progress?

Each theme page should provide more info… Could use more help though…

Looks great


Like the ideas!  We’ll get to work on catching up and thinking about the curation.


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How stories can become sessions?

@Woodbinehealth great! the stories I mention above have good insights into the theme - some people manifested interest to present/ work on something at the festival (Bernard at Cosain is in touch with @Gehan already but feel free to piggyback on their conversation). Others havent, and could be nudged into delivering a contribution - in an open conversation too if not in a singular talk - John Coate and Alberto are definitely people to ping to ask for inputs.