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Unemployment and macro-economic deceleration in Egypt

Egypt’s current difficult macroeconomic situation is largely attributed to the difficulties of adjusting to the post-Revolution situation. The wave of increasing violence that followed caused tourism and foreign business activity to decline and makes investors reluctant to start business activity in Egypt.

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Unemployment, underemployment or poor working conditions in Armenia

Most vulnerable are women and youth; incompatibility between employers’ requirements and the way the education system prepares young professionals. There is a need to provide better access to vocational education for young people. Social inequality: address vulnerability among disadvantaged groups through activation and empowerment (psychological primers), as opposed to security benefits. Changing public perception is deemed as a priority. Increasing labour migration, coupled with lack of legal protection of migrants are other mentioned issues. 

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Access to wealth in a monopolistic economy in Armenia

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have a hard time competing for resources with the big players in Armenia, and are thrown off by lack of fair competition or shady legal regulations (eg tax policy, monopolistic access to state finances).

What are the risks experienced by Armenian entrepreneurs? What are some of the tested successful paths beyond the discouraging/ disadvantageous government deal?

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Creating Healthy Lifestyles in Armenia

Many of the challenges identified reflect systemic crises: the need for preventing non-communicable diseases, awareness on reproductive health; issues of personnel training.

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Participation in decision making in Georgia 

Civic engagement: “according to respondents such involvement required a secure and empowering environment,  the ability and possibility to speak and to be heard, an agreed vision of  where to go and how, and  having at least medium living standards. An honest and responsive government was perceived as a precondition for creating such an enabling environment. Participants also named other necessary conditions for their engagement - responsible citizens and well developed civil society as well as institutionalized channels for participation.” (source: Georgian preliminary Post2015 consultations report). The UNDP country team suggests further research on the real degree to which people participate, beyond social networks and off to real social activity.

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Youth education and employment in Georgia

Quality of education, learning outcomes and skills development have been named as key problems. The employment was framed for participants as “better job opportunities”; better linking between education and labour market demands, as well as lifelong education were among the goals that would help solve some of the issues. Ensuring a good education and living standards were issues that respondents felt lie within the responsibility of the government. In addition, according to the latest CRRC national survey, the most important factors to get a job are either connections (30%) or education (30%).

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Just a quick question: what are the guidlines for essays? (my apologies if it was mentioned somewhere and I completely missed it…)

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Hi Inga, I think this wiki of guidelines for article and essays is what you are looking for. Thanks for the reminder, I just posted it :slight_smile:

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shall i consider this as the topics/quiestion to agree with the client to make the research?

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The list consists of high priority themes for 3 countries

…Armenia, Egypt and Georgia (it’s being continuously updated as we craft the 1 page calls for essays), and is still missing the ones for Poverty and Environmental degradation in Egypt.

This list is a small selection out of all the topics that were explored in the Post 2015 consultations in each of the three countries respectively. The range of themes that can be explored are pretty much infinite. We divide them into broad categories like making a living rather than unemployment, and learning instead of education. This is a design decision I won’t get into now. But there are a number of categories we have found to work well. I’ll share them with you in the slides.

You are correct

Yes, @Simonedb. The questions belong to the client; we can help them frame them so that the community is more likely to answer them in ways that make an original contribution.