Your voice project from Ukraine. Notes from the interview with Alexander Sanchenko

The second story is about the great young activist, psychologist and youth leader that has a lot of ideas and projects in hold for youth empowerment and activism. He has managed to do several nice projects, such as student “miss university pageant”, youth forums for the skills development and many more. The first project that would be interesting to share with the community is called “Your voice”. It’s goal is to promote fair and active voting on elections, with emphasis on fighting the corruption and bribery during elections of the young electorate in Ukraine. The problem in Ukraine is severe, since during every election there is huge buying of votes among pensioners and young people, not interested in the political process. Starting from EuroMaidan, this situation has changed slightly for better, but other goals were added - such as enlarging youth activism in political activism, making every voting understandable and throughout researched, to make young people more interested in political system formation etc.

Your voice project

Throughout “your voice” project there were 2 campaigns - the presidential elections (motivating young people to vote and elect a candidate sensibly) and parliamentary elections: be active, vote and do not sell their votes

The initiative was launched on April 2015 with the help of Euromaidan activists. We spread info through social tools (video, PR work in social networks, website, social survey)

The main idea of ​​the project is a youth empowerment during the election process. Presentation problem is relevant both for Ukrainian and civilizational context. Youth people actively participate in political and economic development. As part of the project youth people get acquainted with the basic steps of election campaign. Also the public will be shown presentation videos and be provided with additional materials. The “Your Voice” is intended to lay the foundation of the election culture which is education and mobilization campaign created to answer the question: why should we vote, why every vote is important and how can you protect it. The project will help young people to become more familiar with the nature and technology of the election process and learn how to make critical and rational choice in political preferences and not be afraid to defend their vote. In addition it will show that their votes count, and it will motivate them for more activism

Alexander has already registered on the platform and is putting on his case. You can find him here


Thanks, @nataliegryvnyak, interesting story! As I read, I understand what “Your voice” wants to do, but not how it works. Is it a simulation of the election process? Is it a game, or gamified? How do you show people that their vote counts? A link would help me… but it would have to be in English, sadly I do not read Ukrainian nor Russian. Perhaps @Sanchenko_Oleksandr himself can explain. For now, welcome, Oleksandr!

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Hi @Alberto. Now im involved in organisation of "Ukrainian Youth day", that will be held on 27-th of June. So I havent much time to answer quickly. :frowning:

Ill try to describe briefly the aim and instruments of "Your vote". The aim is to change the voting pattern of Youth. There are several groups with different patterns. First is in age 18-21, that havent experience of voting. And they dont understand "why should I go vote & what could it change". Second big group is above 21 young people, that dont believe that they vote makes difference.

Thats why we chose <strong>information campaign</strong> as instrument for changing voting pattern. We involved famous Ukrainian artists (you may know only Ruslana among them). We make a 1 minuets video in what this celebrities tell 2 straight messages: voting is important: "so if you might not go - change your decision. Because every vote make a count. I go voting because its right & cool" ; politics make more for target groups that voting better: "so its in some way even dosent meter if youre candidate lose. Candidate that win will do more for your target group if this age group will be active". We share this videous trogh social media, information web cites. Some TVs take our video`s as a social advertising before elections.

Also we use MEM`s in social media, introducing this idea on TV & Radio programs. And even through Bill-boards to the end of information campaign.

I`ll try to write a case about “Your vote” in few days.


And thank you for taking the time to write in English. Unfortunately I cannot read either Ukrainian or Russian!