Zoom security issues

Hey people!

I think this is not news for you but I wonder what you think of all this security issues with Zoom?

I just read this article and it appears so damn easy.


Yes… but the article is now removed… [suspense].
@johncoate raised the issue as well here.

Meanwhile we do tests with Jitsi, and are using our own http://now.edgeryders.eu, but both early days.

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Author deleted the post, but its archived here: How i hacked worldwide ZOOM users - s3c - Medium .

Yes… had seen it too!
It was after this article that they made the changes during covid19.

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It seems to me that many programs that can be used for video conferencing or online communication will lack security and don’t meet all cybersecurity requirements. For example, I recently learned that every participant in a video call can record a webcam. That is, my conversation with someone can be easily recorded and I will not receive a notification about it. It’s now really easy to do this with free software like Movavi Screen Recorder, for example. I understand that this tool can also be used for more useful purposes than spying, but this information haunts me, to be honest.

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