Edgeryders at 32C3: update and rooming list as of 2015-11-24

  • The Fahrplan (still provisional) is up.
  • The Generator hostel rooms have been reserved and paid for. Breakfast is included. 
  • My proposal for a Protocol/unMonastery talk has been rejected. Oh, well sad
  • Tickets are on sale. Standard ones go for 90 EUR. Online sales will end on December 12th. Don't be late getting yours! Remember, if you are in our rooming list you can stay for free at Generator Hostel (in front of the main railway station) but you still have to buy your own ticket and transport. 
  • We have registered an Edgeryders assembly. This would be a good place to propose a lightning talk or a project.
  • Our friends of Food Hacking Base have been cleared to hold their own assembly (yay!) but they are not allowed to cook (groan). Anyway, we'll coordinate loosely and have requested to have spaces next to each other.

Rooming list

In Generator Hostel:

  1. @Thomas_Goorden
  2. @mstn
  3. @Costantino
  4. @zoescope
  5. @kate_g
  6. @Dorotea
  7. @KiraVde
  8. @Nadia
  9. @Alberto
  10. @Hazem
  11. @gandhiano
  12. available claimed by @almereyda

Own accommodation:

  1. @Caroline_Paulick-Thiel
  2. @Lakomaa (is this correct, Erik?)

Not sure:

  1. @msanti
  2. @markomanka
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If this information is up to date, I’d like to apply for the vacant seat, just as @gandhiano did before.

Thanks for escalation to Twitter.

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Welcome aboard!

It is. So welcome aboard!

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Hope to see you guys next time

I am so sorry I will miss this event as well. But hopefully I will be there next time.

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for sure!

hey all. i hope to hang out again next month, for sure! I remember tagging along to a code for europe discussions – it was really great to see hear and learn how democracy is evolving across boarders. for instance a public transit issue in greece was tackled by folk from italy. the issue in italy was transparently addressed therefore greece did not have to reinvent the solution. (use of countries used because boarders) additionally i can say it was great to share my experience with everyone and even got to boast about the code for america brigade back here in boston. really chill wasn’t it? is there any food hacking planned?? cheers -william

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I propose a theme for the assembly tied to LOTE

Hi guys, glad that this is happening again. I really enjoyed it last time. What made it for me in a sense was doing something there in the Edgeryders assembly. Last year we did something around food and well being in collaboration with Foodhacking Base.

This year, I would like to suggest we do it around the same theme as next years edition of of our annual community gathering LOTE5: fail unfail. Failures is a fun topic that was on the table as a possible theme for the congress itself before they chose to go for gated communities. Also, this would be a good introduction to the Edgeryders space as a whole as LOTE5 as it is built by community members for community members. This is a post I wrote about why I think the topic makes sense and here is the “signup” form for the event itself…


Opening Hours of the Dormitory

I am just about to book my travel to Hamburg. Can I assume availability of the room for the nights from 27th to 31st?

@mstn @alberto @nadia @hazem

Check-in 27th, check out 30th

So yes and no. The idea is that the 30th is the last day of 32C3, we’d leave during that day. smiley


Good to know, so booking a train back to Berlin the night of the 30th makes perfect sense.


See also: https://edgeryders.eu/en/edgeryders-at-32c3-was-31c3/when-are-you-guys-arriving-in-hamburg