A space for #cocreate14 to continue to convene? Say hello!

I’ve created this space in the aftermath of #cocreate14, which was a 3 day intensive Learn/Share Lab on Co-creative Social Impact and Innovation that my Ci2i Global colleagues and I hosted on 5-7 Feb 2014 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Hello and welcome - to ALL who may stumble upon this group, and especially to all of you Ci2i Global practitioners and amazing #cocreate14 participants.

If you were at #cocreate14, you may remember that [Jean Russell] and I waxed on at the lab about our longing for an online co-working space, like we used to have in the days of the Omidyar.net community… And what do you know but there in the same session, [Nadia] was telling all of us about Edgeryders, and inviting us to come play. 

So here we are!

None of us can be sure what this space will become, as it’s up to all of us to co-create it.  What I personally hope is that it can serve us as a useful container for continued sharing of our methods, our tools, and our support for one another’s initiatives, as we hone our use of co-creative practices in our work for humanity all over the world.

If you’ve just joined the group, please take a minute to say hello in the comments below

And thanks for being here!



Thank you Christina! Exciting to have a place to gather online that has dynamic engagement and useful tools.

… and you’re back!

Welcome back, [Jean Russell]! :slight_smile:

Question (mainly to [christinaworld]): do you intend this space as a virtual discussion room for yourselves or do you intend to try and engage the community? I know a little bit about #cocreate14 through Nadia, but I think I am the only one here. To get more engagement by others on Edgeryders you might need to explain more explicitly what you are trying to do. [Noemi] can advise on how to do that, and we can support you with our Twitter/Facebook accounts.

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Welcome Alberto!

Sorry we missed you at the Lab, Alberto. We’re very happy to engage other Edgeryders as well. More clarity around specific calls to action will emerge when we’ve had time to populate the group with more content. It’s early days yet. As I already mentioned to you we are exploring the space. Thanks for your patience as we continue to work a bit slowly on getting things further fleshed out.

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Thank you Alberto! Great to be back and bring an exciting project here.

Hi All

Hi all, just having a browse round the Edgeryder site and came across this. So this is where team i2i are testing the waters of latency. I’ve been recalibrating with family back home and so have been a bit of a ‘latency jerk’ the last few days but am back with shoulder to the wheel again now.

For folks popping in and out here wondering what this Ci2i thing is all about,  let me give you a few clues so you have a clear ‘take-away’. Ci2i is about seeing eye to eye…obviously enough…and is a working group centred by a core of seven strong women from around the globe set on exemplifying and thereby promoting horizontal practices like collaboration, stygmergy, self-selection,  cocreativity and so on. There is a keen awareness of the emergent here, and a willingness to match pace and blend with that that is both apparent and impressive.

The core has grown, through a series of events, to include a network of individuals, companies, organizations, and projects  all working according to this horizontal characteristic.

Where it goes from here?..well time is the great revealer…



Wow Eimhin

Thank you [Eimhin], I don’t think anyone has explained us that way before. i love it! Deep bows for the wonderful expression.

Slowly getting around to writing a blogpost about the Lab

I had penned notes but need to structure them better. Before I forget…[Eimhin] do you remember the conversation we got into with Oran and Tom re the magazine idea?


It is great to see you all again!

Thanks Christina to convene #cocreate14 here at Edgeryders. You always find the right place for people to meet and be confortable. Gradually I am getting used to Edgeryders, I was welcomed by Noemi who has kindly offered to tour me in this platform. Jean, Nadia your the locals here!

Eimhin!! so good to read your poetry again. How can you find such accurate and caring words to describe people and processes and … and … and…

You have all lightened my day, #cocreate14 is together again and back to work :slight_smile:




Great that we are slowly gathering here :slight_smile:

I have invited a couple of connections that I feel may benefit the group. I hope Faruq Hunter will join us on here for a conversation in the near future (ER primarily, Ci2i in due course). I have met few people out there with as clear and directed a goal and process as he and ‘The Geeks’ (Geeks Gone Global - one to check out and invite in! http://geeksgoneglobal.com/ - Nadia I see Cairo Egypt on the first page…*winks and nods)

His process is one to check out for sure.

Glad the above rendering works for folk, its just something for guests to recognise the form and function of the group, I hope I define it reasonably well. :slight_smile:

Nadia, Re: that conversation, (a great conversation well worth continuing), I have gone on to invite Tom into the loop in crowdfunding talks with us at the Community-Dev team at the P2PFoundation. Its was initially fruitful, you may have seen Michel posting out about ‘peer-funding’ with articles written by Tom in the past rephrasing crowdfunding as peer-funding, but after that initial impetus the conversatiopn dropped off. There is need of a designated organizational space for the team there…email lists are getting tedious, and not proving actionable. (I’ll breach the notion of a node here with them, lets see, perhaps Dorota could help with this)

And so how are we to continue the conversation? Maybe here is a good start. To recap the conversation for folk: we were sitting outside the Coffee Club by the Chiang Mai gate just a couple of hours after taxi’ing back in from the event. The taxi ride in had been great for everyone, a kind of instant decompression where everyone got to talk about stuff they loved, festivals, the tribes, projects, people, interests, obsessions and whatever else. After everyone packing out, and/or heading away there was Nadia, Oran, Tom and me left in the car and we agreed to meet in a couple of hours.

The conversation was great, it seemed like there was a very productive vibe and what came of that was this conversation about …well… about a whole lot to do with networks, the ones we know and take part in, and how to mutually align our networks in the same way the Oscars align initiatives to grow the profile of various actions or actors in the field.{sorry, its current, this didn’t come up in conversation, but it gets the point across :wink: }

We talked about crowdfunding campaigns for a community awards program. We talked about publications to promote this, about reward systems and how we might do that…we talked about a lot. (Nadia help) The general gist is that we can use our networks to big up other networks with the purpose of bringing folk together to work collectively on the hard problems. The more and the better we do this, the more resilient, sustainable, even thrivable, the world becomes (right!?). The core potentiality was about a crowdfunding campaign that raised money through all networks with the purpose of awarding the whole lot to one network hub to help them develop their stuff, while also promoting the whole network of activity, as well as all networks in the process. The prize allocation would alternate every year with no single group allowed repeat wins or multiples within 3 year periods.

With regard to this relaying of the conversation, I must say that it was a relay in the real, and that I have left out loads. The  details are not all here. Nadia, you can help fill it out, and we need to get Oran and Tom in here to see how this might play out also.

There was also mention of a grant system coming through a certain publication for writing articfles on cocreation, I can’t recall the name right now, but I think I sent Christina a message about it. I also wrote to the editor, Nancy, whom I met not so long ago, and tried to stoke an interest there, but nothing has come back from that…which I thought a bit odd. Christina did you get that mail? Sometimes my computer eats things.

And the magazine… I have a vague recollection of where the magazine fit into all of this. But too vague…

…need a little help! :slight_smile:


Fun ideas

Hey Eimhin ~

I’m finding no trace of the email you mention… but sounds like a conversation full of fun ideas. I really like the idea of peerfunding. Were you talking about funding the networks themselves (ie the backbone orgs/infrastructures) or initiatives within those networks? I think framing will be super important… and either way, I also agree with Jean that more cross-promotion of each other could also be useful. This ties into the marketspace idea I’ve been wanting to play with. The challenge of course, is always making the time to put into great ideas in a way that helps them gain and maintain traction. So many things could be done, but who has both the time and skill to organize/manage it? I think this becomes particularly relevant when you have multiple networks involved. Again, proper framing of such an alliance would be important. Curious about the magazine idea as well. If this group of ideas is chunked down then where would be the place to start? 

Collective Funding

There is a long tradition, across many cultures actually, of pooling resources to uplift one and in so doing uplifting all.

I loved what post-growth insitute did with the Enrich List. http://postgrowth.org/the-enrich-list/

Even uplifting attention without money has significant value. Many of us work outside of the usual umbrellas that lend credibility - big name orgs, schools, etc. So we need to be giving that credibility to each other. Cameron Burgess and I spoke about this - and jokingly called it the Cabal of Amazingness or something. :wink:

What is a next step to take? And yes, I can see a magazine spinning off of it. Gratitude [Eimhin]

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More voices!

The next step is hearing more voices. Forgive the info-network geek in me for saying so, but information exchange creates negative feedback loops, which means approximation. (as in, a person sees something they want to be able to do, they try, they fail, but in so doing they get closer to the ideal, more trying, and approximation of the ideal, leads to eventual success. Negative feedback is the contrast of an aspiring process to that which is aspired to)  In terms of hammering out an idea like this we need more voices because the more we exchange information the closer we get to a mutually satisfying process that will work as it will have all of our voices and productive power involved. This creates a positive feedback loop- positive feedback loops are amplificatory (as in the kind that grows and grows and grows to a crescendo…like when the guitarist stands too close to the amp, but here we mean amplified creative process - a very good thing)

Onecomes before the other… So we need Oren, Tom, and Nadia to speak up as to what this is about, and then as much feedback from the group as possible.

working on it

[eimhin] I think [tomjd] and Oran got slowed down by the sign up process here. 

ci2iglobal ‏@ci2iglobal  19h

Another friendly nudge to @tomjd and @iamoran (via @Involuteconduit) to please chime in at http://edgeryders.eu/ci2i-global/a-space-for-cocreate14-to-continue-to-convene-say-hello  :slight_smile:

Tom Dawkins ‏@tomjd  8h

@ci2iglobal @iamoran tell @Involuteconduit to pick up his twitter game and remind us himself! :wink:

Tom Dawkins ‏@tomjd  8h

@ci2iglobal @iamoran @Involuteconduit I actually did visit and read the thread last time, but didn’t get to joining/commenting. I’ll try.


That’s the sound that goes with the puff of white smoke from which I just magically appeared in your midst.

While you’re all recovering from your shock and wonder, I’ll do my best to recollect that wonderful day of conversation in Chiang Mai. I have to confess that what I remember most vividly is sitting in a row while small fish nibbled our feet and sunset beers on the roof.

But the actionable thing I remember most from our conversation at the cafe was around the digital magazine dedicated to exploring co-creation, sharing stories, case-studies and ideas to encourage, connect and inform those pursuing this type of leadership. The idea came, interestingly, from the question "how could we help raise resources for Ci2i to help repay the investment in this event and fuel their future? And we thought that we could create something like this -  launched via a crowdfunding campaign - and all sales proceeds (there would be a small cost per/issue) would go to Ci2i. If we could collaborate effectively (a non-trivial challenge for a bunch of busy people spread around the world) the workload would be modset per person, creating an easy(ish) way for us all to donate (via content and sharing, mostly) our time and skills to support Ci2i’s work. And to fuel the movement generally!

And yes, many other wonderful ideas that branched off that, annual awards, grants, etc. It was an awesome conversation. We should have taken more notes!

Hugs to you all.



Alignment / content sharing

This all sounds grand

I think a lot can be done towards creating a publication even just by realigning content production by those that will be producing it anyway.

I’m planning a monthly series of ‘cocreation reports’ aimed at relevant, mostly-local professional contacts.  Jean is always blogging.  Lilian is always engaged (he wasn’t at the Lab but he’s a cocreator and a meta-cocreator for sure, cf his cocreative events pattern language project).  Then there is the Cocreation-Sketch book project of course.

Let’s start!

[tomjd] I love the idea of a magazine and [jsbaxter] I wholeheartedly agree that realigning content is the way to go.

In the weeks since #cocreate14 we’ve been talking a lot about community engagement strategies. One of the things on my current to-do list (on which I am later than I’d hoped to be) is to create a first Ci2i newsletter for practitioners who have registered with us. As I set out to do that, I find myself mentally not just writing one but a series of themed mailings that offer a variety of content - blog posts, discussion highlights and invitations, resources, co-creative impact-related initatives, tools, courses etc.

Inspired by your comments, Tom and John, It’s occurred to me that what I’d really love to do is pull just the first 1-2 issues together and then invite a new co-creative impact practitioner to create it each month, along whatever related theme they want, and drawing in whatever readings they might pull together from all of us. Along the way we can also add all of those links to the Ci2i site wherever they might best belong, so it can become a useful learning repository.

I’m imagining a wikispace in this group would be useful for planning and sharing/organizing content we’ve already got at our fingertips, to contribute to potential themes. [jsbaxter], I’ve already been planning to include a link to your recent post here in the Ci2i group space in the first issue.

If you (and any others!) already have or know about content that will be sharable 4 weeks from now around co-creative leadership (the theme I’d like to build next month’s issue around) could you start a “co-creative magazine” wikispace here and start dropping the links/descriptions in (and anything else you feel would be useful at this point). I’ve little time left to play here today, but if can you start it, I will happily join you there in thinking further through how we can organize plan and format content we’ve already collectively got.

#gratitude. I am carried back to my early Life in Africa days, when I had a mailing list of 2000+ readers receiving the “Echoes of Africa” monthly magazine. Local volunteers and I learned a lot through trial and error about planning monthly publications as a group, which is now dusting itself off from the recesses of my memory. How exciting to have a global co-creative context for recycling that experience!

Feeling inspired - so let’s start!


A googledoc instead of a wiki

[jsbaxter] nevermind on the wiki space I mentioned above… I started playing with it today and decided to do a googledoc instead. After a few more touches I will share it here

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Happy to throw things in.

I probably can’t offer much re leadership, it’s an area I haven’t really explored yet myself.  I love the ‘leaderful’ idea though, hopefully others can curate or talk to that!

When the newsletter has more form I’m happy to find ways to repurpose / share what I have to offer.

I can possibly also curate a month where my monthly Cocreation Reports align with this audience.

For ref, ideas for the next few months

CR#2 - cocreation is not engagement (inc "you said, we did" is crappy) - I am writing the first draft right now
CR#3 - cocreation is about making-real (codesigning solutions or developing plans doesn't count, at least not unless these are outcomes that people are invested in; introduction to some of the 'human' sides of cocreation)
CR#4 - coordination of distributed activity is the ticket to collective action
CR#5 - cocreative fractals - a hierarchy of cocreativity (from governance to conversation)
Other potential topics:
- cocreative governance - inc review of Holacracy; who approves the plan (strategy)? who decides the structure for participation (process)?; cocreative governance is not controlling;
- cocreation and organisational transformation (org change strategies): plucking early fruit to exemplify and catalyse culture; internal/collective engagement practices
- cocreative strategy - what does it mean to do strategy cocreatively (esp in gov)?

Newsletters as a conversations’ catalys

Another thought
  • can the newsletter be an excuse and catalyst for focused practitioner discussions amongst this group?
The Edgeryders forum will definitely atrophy without some solid reason to return.
It would also be great to have an excuse to Hangout occasionally.
And a discussion will aid the content curation process.
Anybody else interested?
Get started with a 'cocreative leadership' Hangout sometime in the next couple of weeks?