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This forum is a community space to connect and work together with others to hack our idea of what the web can be. The Overweb Challenge is an opportunity to do three things. Expand your understanding of what is possible in your area of expertise, interest or endeavour. Be in the know early in the game. Be recognized within the emergent Overweb community.

  • January 21 I The Overweb Challenge is launched at theoverweb.com
  • February-March I Top Submissions from the Overweb Challenge are showcased
  • April I The Global Overweb Hackathon!

What you can do here:

  • Connect with other participants of the Overweb challenge event to form teams. (Fill in this form and introduce yourself and your project)

  • Discuss, present and develop your project in detail. (Press the “+ New Topic” button in this category to start a new thread about your project)

  • Reach a wider community of interested free spirits thinking and making a better internet. (Check out the “Internet of Humans” conversations)

Tips for what information to include about your project!

  1. What is your project about? What’s the problem it solves and how?
  2. What stage are you in?
  3. What do you need concrete help with? Feedback? People? Skills? Guidance? Clarity?
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Practical advice

The comment threads in the topics are “nested,” which means you should choose to reply to a specific comment in most cases (the ‘reply’ at the bottom right of the comment), rather than reply to the whole topic (the blue ‘reply’ button at the bottom of the topic).

To start a new topic, select the subcategory that is most appropriate from the dropdown menu below where you enter a title. For example, if it is your own story, then Tell Us About You is the correct location. But don’t start a new topic when it is better to continue a current conversation. Topic clutter can become a problem…

About the project

This conversation is part of a Horizon 2020 funded Coordination Action under the official name NGI Forward. The project focuses on building a coherent vision for the Next Generation Internet. The community research is hosted on Edgeryders, an online community of 5000 people in more than 80 countries who share experiences. By sharing experiences with one another we turn our collective knowledge into useful advice to make better decisions for ourselves and our families in the near future. As a consequence of getting to know people from around the world, we connect one another to important information, new ideas and new opportunities.

The research analysis considers content collected through http://edgeryders.eu, subject to online ethnographic analysis and semantic social network analysis.

Beyond the research project, we are a community: We use the tools offered by this platform to help connect people with mutual interests, concerns and complimentary skills. The online conversation runs in parallel with events all over Europe to meet and share constructive approaches. Anyone is welcome to participate, either in English or in their native language.

The project is funded by the European Commission under grant agreement number 825652 from 2019-2021.

This conversation is hosted by Edgeryders OÜ, in partnership with: Aarhus University (Denmark), University of Warsaw (Poland), Resonance Design (Netherlands), Nesta (United Kingdom), Nesta Italia (Italy) and the City of Amsterdam (Netherlands).


NGI Forward is a part of the NGI Initiative

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Here are the categories of the Challenge:

  • Overweb Game Concept
  • Overweb Dating Concept
  • Overweb Music Concept
  • Overweb Finance Concept
  • Overweb SDG Concept
  • Overweb Education Concept
  • Overweb Sensemaking Concept
  • Overweb False Claims Concept
  • Overweb Enterprise Concept
  • On-Page Presence Concept
  • Digital Nation Concept
  • Smart Tag Concept
  • Overweb Open Concept

For more information, see the Categories page

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@nadiaI l love the concept to breaking free from collective cognitive control!

Here is an article that I wrote that speaks to the collective cognitive control and what made it possible:
How We Lost The Web — The “Big Missing Feature” according to Marc Andreessen

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