Overview of currently ongoing discussions, findings and opportunities on the platform (31/10/19)

Dear community members,

This post will try to provide a bit of an overview of some of the main ongoing current discussions as well as to communicate some of the feedback, findings and suggestions from our Ethnography Team.

First to introduce the role of the Ethnography Team here at Edgeryders:

It is hard to put into a short description what Edgeryders is doing for and with you and the world, because it is and can be so many things, which is one of the reasons why we are discussing this very thing in a kind of “meta-discussion” with you here:

If you can give us your take on “why to edgeryder, that would be great!

However, one of the key things we are doing is Semantic Social Network Analysis (SSNA), see video, which means that a team of ethnographers and coder read all the discussions here on the platform, analyse them, identify topics and use an algorithm to identify connections and patterns in discussions which we can use to research how to improve our communication, but also to find new venues for the discussions themselves.

These network analysis put into graphics look for example like this:

This one is from the preliminary results report of the current NGI conversations @amelia just posted here.

She raises two very interesting points in that report:

1. We need to try to define the term “DEEP GREEN TECH” with some concrete examples, with terms that do not require absolute expertise in specific fields to enable proper cross discipline discussion and face the issue of how to deal with the underlying tension between acknowledging the ecological costs of the tech industry and findings ways to develop technological tools to protect the climate.

2. We need to include more of our personal experience, motivations and examples in our stories, thoughts, ideas and project presentations and discussions. Your views on the topic are surely interesting, but knowing what brought you to start thinking about it and what shaped your ideas is what will enable us to not only connect but also to discuss and research on a deeper level!

Therefore, do not just tell us about your great idea, project or view on the Internet, but also tell us about the situation that first made you think about this and concrete examples that make it relevant to you personally :)!

A great example of combining this kind of personal story, motivation and research approach is this post from @katejsim, which we recommend everyone to check out!

It is based on an interview that @inge made with @katejsim in preparation for the [Workshop on AI and Justice](Workshop on Inequalities in the age of AI, what they are, how they work and what we can do about them - 19/11 - Brussels) on the 19th of November in Brussels, where you could also meet her and many more amazing and interesting people bringing Justice to AI or vice versa :).

Another great Interview article in preparation for that event is this one on civil social advocacy in the digital age by @CSS:

As mentioned above, one of our main topics currently is Deep Green Tech. Some examples to related discussions are these:

Here we discuss the general direction of DEEP GREEN RESEARCH here at Edgeryders:

And here is an environmental tech incubator from COAT lab looking for proposals:

Also looking for proposals:

@BlackForestBoi ‘s Hackathon:

Post you proposal here: About the Open Proposal Writing Category


This P2P online incubation program by @zmorda:

Last but not least I want to encourage you to look into the future of economics with the soon coming up SCi_fi Economic event on the 11th of November In Brussels:

And finally, a reminder that you can find an overview of all the Festival events on this minisite:


And Sign up for an event via the Button on that site or this link:


Please also share those great articles, events and opportunities with your interested friends and networks beyond Edgryders and encourage them to join the discussion :).

We are always looking forward to hearing more from you!


Overview wise, do you guys think I should leave the quotes from the report in or take them out to make it easier to read the whole thing?

I think you should leave them there, they give a lot of context/make it richer

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