About the Workspaces category

Here we organize many of our activities: events, company projects, community initiatives and developing our software. Only for organizational content – all useful results are in other categories. (You can find all content of a project together under its project-{name} tag.)

Note: Some workspaces belong to finished projects, marked in gray. You can still comment there, but no longer create topics.

To get started:

  1. Create an Edgeryders account by signing up here!

  2. Click on the + New Topic button below to open a new rich text editor.

  3. Write your personal introduction and click on the + Create Topic button to submit it.

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If you are joining Edgeryders because you are interested in one of our projects (like Edgeryders Festival, OpenVillage, Research Network, Participio), you better post in a category of the project to introduce yourself (you can also find the links in the top navigation bar). But if you come in independent of a project, or are unsure where to post, this is your space :slight_smile: So:

  1. First, create a new topic here and let your fellow Edgeryders know a little about yourself. Tell us what you want us to know about you, and what will attract support from other changemakers here.

  2. Second, read what others have shared and leave a comment to offer some useful advice or help – or to just say hello. Just having somebody who listens and asks the right questions can unlock new, interesting thoughts that help us to move forward!