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Workspace <p>The Edgeryders research network is in the process of scaling. This category is to discuss its development - from strategic directions to operational processes and overarching partnerships. Specific strategies and events - such as the Horizon2020 programme and Econ Sci-Fi - feature as their own categories.</p> Horizon 2020 <p>Edgeryders research network participates in the European Commission's <a href="">Horizon 2020 research and innovation framework programme</a>. </p> <p>This category is for discussions on directions, ideas and proposals in formulation.</p> Economic Sci-Fi <p>Economists, politicians and business leaders, it seems, have given up on trying to imagine completely different economic systems. But we have not. And neither has a small group of brainy, visionary science fiction authors: Cory Doctorow (peer production and abundance in <em>Walkaway</em>), Bruce Sterling (nomads + cheap open source technology + reputation servers in <em>Distraction</em>), Neal Stephenson (phyla in <em>The Diamond Age</em>), Peter Watts (tons of insights from biology in the <em>Rifters</em> trilogy), and others.</p> <p>We organize a meeting of minds where we can learn from each other what future economies might look like. And maybe even how we can help them being born.</p>
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