Agenda - remote work and childcare event:

Agenda - remote work and childcare event:


5 min intro

Panellists speaking:

  1. Ine Willems (6min) (boundaries and equal rights for non-parents)
  2. Ana Catarina Lopes (6 min)( Freelancing experiences and changes through motherhood and covid)
  3. Vann Vogstad: (6 min) (The role of tech in childcare and tradeoffs)
  4. Amparo Fuentes Barrios (3 - 5 min) Presents her coworking with children project
  5. Christian Schmitz: (6 min) How did clients adapt to your needs? Have the experiences during covid influenced your views (also on co-working and living))
  6. Mariette Ciiggar (6 min) (reality with teenaged children and partner at home. Distribution of labour)

General questions for panellists and audience (10 min)

Final Question: Positive Experinces

Thank you very much!

Panellists post:

Event post:

6 min Ine Willems: Translator, has adult kids by now


  • How can we support parents without devaluing colleges who for any reason do not have children?
  • Working from home saves you time and space, but it also means that everything is brought together. What kind of boundaries do you have to set with yourself? With your children/family? With your colleagues?

6 min Ana Catarina Lopes: Freelance translator for 12 years, young mom. Portugal


  • Were you always working remotely? If not, when and how did you decide to work remotely?
  • How different does a day in your remote/freelancing working life look now as compared to before the pandemic? What new challenges do you face now, and has anything gotten easier than it was before?

6 min Vann Vogstad : Tech founder


  • Which role does technology currently actually play in the reality of childcare in remote working households?
  • What digital tools do you use to do your work? have you started using any new ones since the pandemic started? what tools would help you do your work or make your life easier, do you imagine?
  • Have your employers/clients adapted to balancing out how your needs might differ now?

3-5 min Amparo Fuentes: Founded coworking space with space for children


6 min Christian Schmitz: Works for a company that develops tech fo coworking


  • Have your employers/clients adapted to balancing out how your needs might differ now?
  • Has your experience working since covid happened given you any new insights about your life and how you had structured it before? have you recognised any new values you are now attending more to or things you took for granted before the pandemic started? (Or in your case, how co-working and coliving should be structured?

Mariette Ciiggar: Theatre director + yoga >>vide range, 4 children 12-16) working + partner working from home now.


  • What is the reality in your household? How many hours do you spend working from your screen every day, and how much time does your child spend during that time using technology themselves?
  • Who takes care of what chores and caretaking responsibilities in your home? Is the distribution of labour in your household what you would want it to be? has it changed since the pandemic started? do you have more responsibilities at home, and if so how have you handled this?

General: 10 min

  • What trade-offs do you make as remote workers with children?

  • How much screentime do you consider appropriate for your children?

  • Do you feel well-supported? Do you feel like there is a support system in place when you need extra help? if so, who or what supports you? If not, what would you need to make life easier?

Last question: 5 min

  • Tell us about a moment you felt proud as a parent because your ability to work remotely helped you be present/provide for your child/ren.
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