Freelancing, Remote Work, Technology and ... Childcare – Panelists

Short introductions of the events panelists:

Vann Vogstad

Vann is a 3-time tech startup founder with two exits, having built all of his businesses from the home where he and his wife home-educate their 4 children

Ine Willems

Owner of De Vertalerij, a Netherlands based small business in the translation and transcreation industry, handling project management across a wide range of language pairs and text genres. Ine herself has specialised in literary translation and works for a variety of publishing houses. She is also freelance lecturer on the topic (Dutch Academy for Literary Translation, Flemish Authors’ Society, Utrecht University etc), founder of the Literary Translators’ Atelier, co-author of The Handbook of Literary Translation. And a mother of three with 23 years experience of juggling time, space and needs – both individual and collective, professional and private. Or, as she puts it, with the art & practice of staying sane.

Christian Schmitz

brick-christian copy

As a dedicated Sales & Business Development Manager for Salto Systems, the lock manufacturer of electronic locking solutions since 2001, Christian has developed a passion for Student Housing, shared living, Co-Living and Co-Working. Over the years Christian has become a specialist in the international market and upcoming trends in the shared living segment. The passion of the people working behind the scenes ignites an endless ambition for Christian to make a difference on a global scale and empower the shared living movement.

Amparo Fuentes Barrios


When Amparo recognised that she needed a space for her work and her children, she just funded a co-working space with that caters specifically to parents.

Ana Catarina Lopes

Ana Catarina Lopes has been an English>Portuguese freelance translator for 12 years, based in Faro, Algarve, Portugal.

She provides translation, transcreation and cultural consultancy services, specializing in healthcare, marketing and online gambling, offering her clients not only translations, but cultural and social compliant versions of their original texts. She loves pop culture, cinema, travelling and she is the ultimate bookworm.

Mariëtte Ciggaar

Mariëtte Ciggaar (1969) graduated as a Theatre Director from the School of Arts in Amsterdam in 1997, and has worked as a director for more than fifteen years.

Mostly directing self written texts, she started writing books in 2004. And while she was already working as a professional voice over as well, her work slowly shifted from directing to writing, voicing and illustrating.

She teaches 8 hours of Vinyasa yoga every week, both at home and in Amsterdam. She draws, writes and voices in her homestudio.

She has a 14-year old daughter and three stepchildren (twins of 12 and a 16-year old boy), and a husband working at home since lockdown.


ping @katejsim, here are the panellists for the childcare event. Do you have any specific questions given those bios?

On a rush so just jotting down a few that came to mind:

  • Were you always working remotely? If not, when and how did you decide to work remotely?

  • Tell us about a moment you felt proud as a parent because your ability to work remotely helped you be present/provide for your child/ren.

  • Working from home saves you time and space, but it also means that everything is brought together. What kind of boundaries do you have to set with yourself? With your children/family? With your colleagues?

  • What trade-offs do you make as remote workers with children?

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