Festival Program Overview

1. Workshop on Inequalities in the age of AI, what they are, how they work and what we can do about them.


  • Organiser: Edgeryders (@Nadia), in partnership with Digityser (@rmdes)
  • Locations: Brussels, multiple venues
  • Facilitated by:
  • Confirmed featured participants: Fabrizio Barca - Former General Director at the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance I Regional economic development, Justice, Corporate finance, Italian economic history
  • Prel: Mark Graham - Professor of Internet Geography at Oxford Internet Institute, Director of Fairwork Foundation, PI of The Geonet Project I Digital Economies, Economic Geography, Digital Inequality
  • Next steps :
  1. Finalise details for venue & collaboration with the team at Digityser via Ricardo. Incl. outreach & engagement support & timeline, venue costs etc. (@nadia - meeting scheduled 13/9)
  2. Formalise practical arrangements for speakers participation: Travel, fees, onboard them on the process, organise schedule, collect bio info + photo + recommended reading materials for other participants etc (@nadia)
  3. Update the event description with information about the confirmed speakers.
  4. Make a twitter list of Europe-based people who are interested in the topics to be covered in this session then reach out to them & more people to propose people or put themselves forward for the list - ( ping @fsimonov).
  5. Organise calls to develop the session topic with the confirmed speakers.
      Call#1: Individual interviews with confirmed speakers 
      Call#2: Group call with all confirmed speakers and some guests _(@johncoate and @MariaEuler, is there anyone in the ioh conversation who is interested in the topic?)_
  1. Follow up on comments here (contain expressions of interest from more people etc), especially Rob’s ( @MariaEuler)
  2. Check with NGI partner orgs if they wish to be involved in this & how. We could use help getting the right political/insitutional people to the table, perhaps Nesta/others in consortium can help with this? (ping @hugi)
  3. Talk to Alexa at RSA about helping us with this, since future of work/Ai it is a key part of programming (@nadia)

2. How do we build the new kind of festival, all over Europe?


3. Teaching teachers Open Source


  • Organiser: @erik_lonroth

  • Edgeryder contact:@mariaeuler

  • Location: Stockholm (House Blivande, Sodrahamnvagen 9)

  • Status: Programm is developed and outreach to other experts and potential participants ongoing

  • Budget needs: Just for lunch and coffee snack for 20 participants (ca. 200 Euro)

  • Next steps :

4. [ [EdgeRyders Hackathon for ethical solutions to unethical technology problems. ]


  • Organiser: @BlackForestBoi
  • Edgeryder contact:@mariaeuler
  • Location: Berlin
  • Status: Programm is developed and outreach to other experts and potential participants ongoing
  • Budget needs:
  • Next steps :
    People using the internet today face many difficulties. Their privacy is violated, their buying behaviours manipulated and their information diet is unhealthy.

What solutions and approaches does it take to build ethical & sustainable technology-driven organisations that work for the people?

On November 22-24th, your team can take part in the EdgeRyders Festival Hackathon in Berlin to put your plans into action.

In this hackathon you’re not just hacking together something that is trashed after the weekend.

Supported by a community of 5000 activists, developers & designers we want to help you to get to the next steps of building a working Minimum Viable Product, sustainable revenue, and getting more funding.

This event is for your whole team and it is not only for building software. Facilitators from the field of organisational design, team management & mindfulness will guide you through a journey to connect with yourself, your team, your community and your project’s purpose.

Everything will be centred around the question: "what does sustainability mean in practice?"

5. [ [From user to world focused design (placeholder, not yet the name) ]


  • Organiser: @mrchrisadams
  • Edgeryder contact:@mariaeuler
  • Location: Berlin
  • Status:
  • Budget needs: Yes
  • Next steps :
    Summary :
    A survey of the existing activities, frameworks and tools available to designers, to help understand which questions they’re suited to answering, which ones they aren’t, and where there are gaps in the toolbox available to them.
    Organise preliminary events exploring service design with practitioners in London and Glasgow in the run up to the event in Berlin.
    Share preliminary notes on the platform, and work out the prompts, and workshop activities we might use.
    After the festival work with contributors to capture the insights from the day, or create CC-license artefacts/design assets to use afterwards.

6. [ [ (placeholder, not yet the name) ]

2019-11-21T23:00:00Z → Invalid date

  • Organiser: @soenke
  • Edgeryder contact:@mariaeuler
  • Location: Saarbruecken
  • Status:
  • Budget needs: 2000 to cover costs for two ws co-facilitators, 500 to cofinance travel. We will cover all other costs. (not yet confirmed)
  • Next steps :
    Summary :
    How do we bring sustainable architecture / upcycling / renewable energy communities into the design process of a workspace for a new commons-oriented cooperative?

A better sense of what has been done elsewhere, a concrete roadmap for translocal exchange and follow-up. A structure will be built in 2020.
We are planning a one-day workshop.

7. [ [ (placeholder, not yet the name) ]

2019-11-22T23:00:00Z → Invalid date

  • Organiser: @zelf
  • Edgeryder contact:@mariaeuler
  • Location: Malmo
  • Status:
  • Budget needs: Travelcosts: (preliminary confirmed: 350 Euro) + Food
  • Next steps :
    Summary :
    What does tech look like on a finite, post-climate change earth?

The event will be divided into two parts:

  1. A smaller “crew” get together the day before with the participants in the network who are especially invited.

  2. A larger event with multiple tables for hosting conversations. At least four sessions at a time structured as a world cafe with an approximation of 2-3 rounds of conversations ending with a wrap up and a 1-2-4-all.

There will be an opportunity to host conversations until all the slots are filled up.

Before the event there will be a sign up to host conversations. Each sign up will be presented the same way a regular presenter is usually presented at a conference with a short text / video description of them in preparation.

The intention is to create a network of people who are interested in transforming the world and to have conversations about this, in line with the topics at hand.

The event will take place at Lodgatan in Östra Hamnen in Malmö, Sweden with room for up to 200 guests but we are aiming for far less. This event is seen as an iteration with potential for hosting more events in the future.

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