Apéro - Living On the Edge @ Le Space

Still having the most diverse practical and philosophical questions on what Living On the Edge is? This is the event for you !

Let us warmly invite you to LOTE5 Apéro vol.2, the place where we will savour the countdown to Living On the Edge in a very welcoming and interesting space in Brussels called Le Space. It’s a hub positioned in an area where artist Emilio Lopez Menchero once reproduced Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie, the bridge between glittery Dansaert and Fox-news-no-go-zone Molenbeek.

Le Space was born to be a symbolic bridge and create a welcoming space for exchange. It’s a co-working hub, exhibition space, meeting point, open stage, … use-it space and I could not think of a better place to meet up and reply to everything you wanted to know about LOTE but never dared to ask.

Where? Rue de la Clé 26, 1000 Brussels

When? Thursday 11th February from 6pm :slight_smile:

Anyone in Brussels?

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Date: 2016-02-11 17:00:00 - 2016-02-11 17:00:00, Europe/Paris Time.


We can have it at my place too

Since it’s next to midi station. In case people from outside Brussels want to join?

Le Space could become a nice ally

And the advantage of doing it there is that we get to know their community too. They will publish it as an official event on their social media, etc.

You normally can also bring your own food so not so bad for our pockets. Anyhow, keep you on the loop and if someone really needs a train station at max 100 m from the place we can move it :slight_smile:

Ah ok I misread

I thought it was happening at Edge Space. Never mind xo

Up for it!



For simplicity, click “Attend”

Thanks for the heads up, @Julieleb. The easies thing is if you click on the “Attend” button in the event page.

FuckUp Major Tom

I fucked up…

I’m with my family in England and as my parents said ‘return home is on Thursday’, this apéro was perfect timing. But I was just informed they ment ‘we’re going home on Thursday’.

This makes a big difference, since we’re travelling by boat, a journey which takes 20h. Meaning I’ll only be in Belgium Friday at noon. crying

Very nice meeting you!

Hope you had a good time and got to answer some of your questions about LOTE and beyond :slight_smile:

@Carolina @Evamus I’m working on the LOTE food plan, if you want to help edit here is the file I’m working on (possibly with quantities for Croque Madame :)).

Any ideas about food tracks is more than welcome.


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croque madame

Yesterday was a really nice meeting! I had a good time meeting some of the Edge ryders :wink:

@ireinga I already updated the food plan with our information.