Artists Wanted: Can You Create an Installation to Address Pedestrian Rights Violations in Tbilisi?

Iare Pekhit, Georgia’s one and only Pedestrian Rights organization is looking for artists for the public art project Uare Qalaqs! (wander through the city)

Are you going to be 1 of the 5 winning artists to present your street installation in one of the five chosen public areas of Tbilisi?

For our project, we are looking for artists, who can transform the given spaces and play with the way the inhabitants see and feel the city. Artists, who are able to drag the spectator out of their comfort zones and have them collaborate, initiate and develop new things together.

We also love to walk and we want to encourage pedestrianism, show its role in our lives in an artistic, sharp, and preferably, poetic manner!

In a city, where the needs of humans are not clearly articulated, voiced and defended, and officials do not have the tools to effectively listen, public space concerns are not addressed. The challenge is huge, but Uare Qalaqs is an engagement experiment, to open up channels of communication between the community, professionals and officials through public art.

Public events, gatherings, protests or other activities will be held at each project opening around the theme proposed by the artist! It could be you!

The deadline for submitting your idea is March 4th. More information can be found here:


Information about what you offer the artists?

Inge hi, and congratulations. After the trip to Tbilisi I can vouch firsthand for how important these efforts are and hope a lot of people get involved. For clarity’s sake I think it would be good if you could  describe what, if any, resources you are making available for participating artists? And whether this call is open to people who do not live in Georgia/Georgian artists?

Best of luck, wish I could make it to see what you guys cook up :slight_smile:

More info

Good points Nadia.

Regarding resources: “5 winning projects will be determined through the open contest. The authors of the winning projects will receive requested funding (up to 1,500 GEL) for the production and placement of the installations. After the submission of the corresponding financial report and completion of the work, each winning artist (group) will be awarded a [additional] 1,000 GEL honorarium.”

Regarding location, the artists can be based anywhere, however, the winners must be present in Tbilisi from March 9 - May 31, 2015, for an interview and installation development works. In case of group applications, a point person should be appointed as responsible for the project. He/she will oversee the installation construction and placement process.

The info can all be found on the website, however, if someone would like additional help, they can always ask me :).

Not sure it’s art…

… but it’s performance, and it sure is fun. How about a superhero fighting for the rights of pedestrians, like they have in Mexico City? Ping @Inge @Elene_Margvelashvili