ASBL photos and mini-bios for the website

Hello @reef-it, I think the issue of representing Reeflings on the website could be made simpler. After talking to @Lee, I am going to propose the following policy:

  1. Technically, we keep the same format we have now, as suggested by @manuelpueyo. Simplest way! Remember: mini-bios are 3 to 10 words, really super short.
  2. People represented on the website are full and associate members of The Reef ASBL.
  3. People are listed as individuals, not as households (the grid visualization we are using only allows one single word as the title of a box).
  4. No photos of children (they cannot give meaningful consent).

So, here is what we need from each of the (currently) 10 members of The Reef ASBL:

  • @Lee, @manuelpueyo and @ugne myself: we have everything
  • @Pieter: we need the mini-bio. Picture: we have the picture of the Edgeryders avatar, so if you are OK with it we can reuse it. If not, send us another one.
  • @ChrisM , @Sarah , @Mas , @Sophie_Beese, @RalfWetzel : we need both pictures and mini-bios. Chris and Sarah: I know you already sent us a household picture, but we cannot use it because, as I explain above, this format would only accept one word as the title.

Please can you get us in Team IT mini-bios and pictures by Monday October 3rd? It does not matter how you do it (email, chat, DM on Edgeryders, folder in the portraits folder), just as long as you do it.


Sure, that’s a good picture, so you can use it :slight_smile:

My mini-bio:
Mobility Project Coordinator. Likes to lift weights. Music addict. Loves sausage dogs.

Mini bio: Linguist and bookworm. Loves soup, cycling and company.

@Sophie_Beese, can you also add a picture?

sorry, I should have mentioned that I put it in the portraits folder

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OK, for now we have complete profiles of all ASBL members except @Mas and @RalfWetzel.

@alberto,my picture is in the folder, and here’s my mini-bio :

Head in the clouds, feet on the ground. Bit of a geek.


@ThomasMaertens and @Celine_D, could you please also update a picture of the two of you togeter, in the same folder? This is going to be used in the Powerpoint for the presentation.


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Thanks! I found also a beautiful picture of @Celine_D . All I am still missing is her mini-bio.

Here it is :slightly_smiling_face:
Would-be social activist. Translator by profession. Grows food. Loves dancing.

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@Laurianne: can you please have a look at post no 1 above? What we need is a short bio and a picture, both for the website and for the Powerpoint presentation. TIA!

My mini-bio:
Queer feminist. Physiotherapist. Wild life with binoculars.

Picture added to the folder :slight_smile:

Added everyone except @RalfWetzel .

Dear all,

eventually I am having a moment to do the essentials. My true apologies for my delays on literally all fronts. (AND: a big thank you who came to the movie premiere last Sunday, it was such a joy seeing you there, thanks a ton!). I uploaded a pic into the folder and my mini bio is:
“Business educator, theater performer, leadership coach. Passionately imperfect, soul searcher and bliss addict.”
I hope that will do?
thanks a ton for holding space and giving patience, you wonderful souls!

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It’s perfect, Ralf. On it.

Aaand it’s a wrap! Everyone on the ASBL has now a picture and a mini-bio on the website. Thanks @reeflings !


Not sure where to find that? Could you post the adress?
Would quite like to see our first beautiful group masterpiece :smiley: > people


Oh my god, I love it!! :heartpulse:

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