Assemble the Project team

4 people in the centre/ Nadia - engagement, Noemi – the deliverable writing; 6 engagement managers  (1 per country) in: Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Morocco and the Ukraine.


Noemi will (in tandem with Alberto)

  • Participate in calls, paying close attention to what people are saying both explicitly and otherwise, keep track of voiced requirements and information provided by others in the calls.
  • Content management and review: review and draw out key information from all key materials (reports etc) submitted to us by UNV, UNDP and other stakeholders in the project
  • Drafting 1st version of all 3 deliverable reports under Alberto's guidance and ensuring timely delivery.
    • Deliverable 1: Consultancy inception report including design, methodology, timeline, etc.
    • Deliverable 2: Report of the findings and recommendations for development interventions to UNDP and UNV.
    • Deliverable 3: Final draft project document (including complete Results and Resources Framework with established baselines, indicators and annualized targets, as well as other sections as per UNDP corporate template) including:
      • Draft Annual Workplan with the proposed budget for the first year;
      • Resources Mobilization strategy;
      • Power point presentation based on final report for dissemination.

Engagement Managers

The role requires a combination of citizen journalism skills/experience and willingness to learn the Edgeryders way of getting things done online as a distributed team. There is no manual, as the practices are new. However, there is a workflow that we know works for us and which engagement managers would need to pick up very quickly: 
1. Finding interesting people and activities in your local environment from whom others can learn and writing engaging stories about their work (English as well as the local language) on 
2. Organising and documenting Weekly Online Community Calls the Edgeryders way (if you do not know how to do this already don’t worry, we can teach you)
3. Updating the social media calendar with 140 character summaries of stories posted by you and others on
4. Translating content on the social media calendar to your own language and spreading it through different online channels.
5. Summarising key points and insights from the relevant online discussions at the end of each week to make it easy for newcomers to catch up in one post (in English as well as in your own language).
Engagement Managers need to be based in one of these countries (and be fluent in the local language): Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Morocco, the Ukraine.
The project lasts 3 months and we estimate it will take 2hrs/day to do the above, pay is 1200 USD per engagement manager (6 people in total).
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