Future Makers Project Plan


  • Total runtime including drafting of two reports and a deck of slides: 2015-05-20 to 2015-08-30


  • Submit Consultancy inception report including design, methodology, timeline: 2015-05-22
  • Submit Report summarising findings and recommendations for development interventions to UNDP and UNV: 2015-07-30
  • Submit Final draft program document packae (including complete Results and Resources Framework with established baselines, indicators and annualized targets, as well as other sections as per UNDP corporate template): 2015-08-30
    • Draft of Annual Workplan with the proposed budget for the first year;
    • A Resources Mobilization strategy
    • A Edgeryders-style deck of slides based on final report for dissemination

Core tasks

To see the detailed tasks which make up the core tasks below, see the tasks in this project and use the task manager.

  1. Assemble Project team (Recruitment of Engagement Managers - status: completed in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia...still ongoing in Belarus, Morocco and Ukraine)
  2. Make logistic arrangements for country visits (Visits Calendar Wiki here | Task here)
  3. Preparing and convening the physical meetings during country visits (​​design event choreography & invitation to existing communities for Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Morocco, Ukraine.
    • Building the repository of Case Studies (minimum 8 in-depth stories per country about existing, relevant, initiatives! Please follow the interview framework!)
    • Producing the Campaign Design (design the engagement engine, social contract and communication materials for drawing participation of project protagonists in 6 countries, and broader community, into Future Makers Campaign Design here )
    • Design and Agree on information architecture for smooth project flow (Where do we post what and when? Task here)
    • Community building and management (launch and facilitate online conversation around scale and sustainability of existing initiatives)
    • Facilitating and documenting the physical meetings 
    • Reporting (distributed over the whole project runtime!)
    • Stewarding knowledge, relationships and collaborations generated (what happens after project?)
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