Behavioural, social and cultural change for the Green Deal (LC-GD-10-2-2020)

Hello team,

this is to coordinate around the call 10-2, led by @amelia & myself. Anyone else interested in being more present in the process welcome to join, for example @hugi who was already involved in the initial stage.

Background: initially, we planned to build the consortium on our own, this was initiated by Amelia (discussion here). We then realized it will take too much effort and being low on capacity we were exploring options to join the forming consortium integrating this idea in their concept.

Through the Linkedin campaign we got to IEECP (contact and the principal investigator Filippos Anagnostopoulos) and scheduled a meeting. In that call I realized they are working on this topic and that they are pretty flexible in accepting suggestions. Also even before knowing us they had the idea for the task “Social Network Analysis for change agents”. The match was made.

As a next step we organized a call between Filippos, Amelia and myself and further discussed our role and contribution. Amelia then drafted a document outlining our workpackage (very similar to PARTENAIRE) + general concept and more information on the methodology.

We also proposed that University of Aalborg becomes a partner and takes over the task of social media analysis (which they wanted to do anyway as part of their initial concept). Anders agrees to join, but has little time to dedicate to the proposal. Filippos would like to meet him - this is in process.

All the working documents have been shared with Amelia and me through “teams” and some documentation is also on our Drive.

Some other confirmed partners a part from IEECP and us include: KEA, C-KIC, Awaris and discussions are ongoing with several other organizations and universities.

Next steps:

  • participate in team calls - these are scheduled on a weekly basis, on Tuesdays at 13h30 (CET). Amelia and I will be there.
  • first week of December there will be a proposal workshop, lasting 4-6 hours for fine tuning direction, connections and needs.
  • when it comes to defining the budget and KPIs we will consult with the extended team, namely @alberto @nadia & @matthias for IT.

Keep an eye on this space for further updates :wink:


I would be happy to help, I just need a pointer on where to focus.

Would be great if you could join that proposal writing workshop, the more we are the better I think.

@amelia when it comes to written contributions is there still some area where you could use Hugi’s help?

Do we have a date for it yet?

It’s not confirmed yet but should be very soon. I’ll let you know!

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Hi @marina @amelia and all. This looks really interesting. If there’s anything of value I can contribute as a geographer, I’d be interested in joining your discussions on this. My research background is in sustainable communities, sustainable consumption and production at the local level, and in particular engaging young adults in sustainability. I’m currently working on a project that looks at the ‘green shoots’ for local sustainability in the context of covid-induced ‘lockdowns’. (@marina, I’m also a lapsed art historian - that was my first degree, before I became a geographer!)