Biweekly 27/1 - Agenda

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is our next biweekly.

Proposed agenda:

  • team updates for POPREBEL and NGI (what is coming up, what do you need help with…):

    • outreach and engagement
    • community management
    • research
    • tech
    • admin
  • RezNet strategy meeting follow up - next steps? Read the notes summary before the call if possible.

  • GD proposals submitted

  • action points

  • Masters of Networks 2021 edition (possible synergies with @amelia’s Oxford course?)
  • Touch base on the white paper
  • DeLab hackaton (June)
  • Learning programme, including the presentation to the team of Ana Margarida Esteves and her research.

@alberto @nadia @amelia @hugi @johncoate @MariaEuler @noemi @matthias @IvanC @bojanbobic

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  • planned events (masters of networks, AMA, etc.)

@marina and all, could we start 30 minutes earlier? There is a keynote by Jan at 17.30, it would be lovely to attend.

Works for me!

Works for me too!

Summary of the notes is on the platform now (updated link above):

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When would it suit for a meeting for Masters of Networks planning meeting? (@hugi, @alberto, I am happy to join who else?)

“Everyone should think about something to teach others for 30 min to 2 hours one time every year.”

Notes from today’s call.
Present: @alberto @nadia @noemi @IvanC @johncoate @MariaEuler @amelia @matthias @martin

  • GD proposals submitted, can be found here.

  • prepare early for Horizon Europe. Share responsibilities and reach out already to potential and trusted partners. Organize thematic webinars in which we share our expertise and some results from the ongoing work. We start from topics we care about.

    • action point: start a timeline and assign roles. @marina
    • action point: organize first thematic call as a follow up to the strategy meeting, to go deep in points we discussed. @marina
  • updates from teams:

    • comm management team working closely with ethno team, started new tagging process. Started timeline for planned events in NGI.
    • upcoming events: AMAs and hackathons. Two hackathons: Masters of Networks and the other organized by Delab in Warsaw online (data science course, we are getting involved in the panel providing datasets and questions for students, keeping an eye on the whole process), happening in June.
    • AMAs in February / March, Italy interesting at the moment (lockdown in Lombardia without data…), another one on smart cities.
    • action point: we need smaller meeting quickly to design a hackathon that can work virtually. will share on the platform who does what and when.
    • action point: for AMAs make calendar and go forward. @alberto @MariaEuler
  • final conferences for POPREBEL and NGI: we need descriptions soon of selected topics, should be aligned with the content on the platform and ethno findings. Both happening online. NGI sometime in October.

    • action point: for POPREBEL discussion needs to happen with Richard and Jan to announce we want to do a strand online. @nadia
  • Amelia: we have a list and a timeline for intermediary outputs leading up to that. in the same thread Maria has created there should be threads and outputs (central document). Work towards those and check in during biweekly meetings. Conversation on internal structure we can have in company workspaces.

  • For poprebel, ethnographers on the ground are being hired.

  • Future of work topic can be relevant for both projects. How to make our outputs more meaningful?

  • POPREBEL reporting deadline 2nd of February, all team leaders please check here.

  • Learning programme suggestion: share our learnings, start thinking about presenting or teaching something, between half an hour or two hours once in a year. Alberto volunteers to make a proximate calendar. It can be on anything, it’s external but we don’t promote it much.


We have a tentative date planned for February 9th. See here: Open ethno data: towards a new Masters of Network?

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