Call for participation: Submit a story of care to become one of the first Op3nCare Research Fellows!

Earlier this week the Op3nCare Fellowship Program (2016-2017) was launched by EdgeRyders and our partners in the European consortium running the OpenCare project. The program aims to support individuals from all over the world working in the field of healthcare, social & community care, open technology, science, and the intersections of these (info here).

An opportunity to make your experience visible and shape a global discussion on solutions to “failing care systems” (in social welfare, migrant crisis etc)

Research Fellowships are offered to individuals who share stories online, interact with others and inspire one another to act. We’re looking for passionate people, doers or critical thinkers who see value in having their work boosted by community advice and support. If you have a project, an experience or know of engaging community initiatives that we can learn from, then this call is for you.

Our goal is to gradually build a lineup of Fellows who over the next year will be engaged in the open care debate, travel, learn, upskill, and receive recognition from an international community of peers, researchers, care practitioners, makers, policy advocates.

Apply now. We’re announcing the first Fellows on June 1st!

Anyone with a story of care is eligible to become a Research Fellow by:

  1. Creating a user account on, unless you have one already.

  2. Submitting a written contribution as response to any one of the OpenCare challenges (recommended length: circa 1000 words). We will treat any post in that space as a submission.

Submissions are public and open for anyone to interact with, and they are already incoming, so hurry up!

The first Research Fellowships will be offered by the Edgeryders team* on June 1st to the authors of the most thoughtful, well-written, interesting posts. We have a number of maximum 3 in mind for this stage. More to follow.

Perks! Perks! … Perks!

  • As a Research Fellow, you will receive a small cash reward of 250 euros (we might also ask you to develop your story into an article, or comment other people's thoughts and projects)
  • Your work will be featured in OpenCare project communications and receive exposure at industry events or festivals. In a network, this makes you quite central and powerful, therefore more exposed to new opportunities.
  • You will get access to OpenCare upcoming webinars, workshops, open meetings in 2016/2017 and to Caring On The Edge event in fall 2017, Milano.
  • You will be automatically eligible for one of the 3 Op3nCare Practice Fellowships with awards of up to 20 000 Eur each (more info).
  • Lastly, our Fellowships are designed not as a competition to win prizes, but as a process to support all the good people and projects in areas of health and social care. You can learn just as much by being in community and building authentic relationships, even if you are not offered a fellowship.

Read you soon?

*@Nadia, @Noemi, @Alberto and @Patrick_Andrews are responsible with evaluating contributions based on the criteria listed . For background reading, here is more about the OpenCare, an EU Commission funded research project.

Offer for OpenCare Fellowship applicants

[Limited] You can schedule a one-on-one meetup with Edgeryders community managers (myself included) to share your story if you are really freaked out about writing. We can only volunteer to transcribe and edit two stories in the next month, so hurry up!

Get in touch: noemi at edgeryders dot eu

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