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Missed the meeting about the Open Care Fellowships?  We’ve got you covered. Here you can find the guidelines for the Challenge One. Alberto even thought about it aloud and rephrased it. Is there something we could add, or clarify? Post a comment in one of these posts, collective thinking usually works best;)

Do you want to share your story? Need some inspiration and/or courage? There are already plenty of Stories of Care already there, written in several languages.Take a look at the challenge one responses: How do you give and receive care?

Invite: Opencare Co-design session in Milano, 11 of May, hosted by @wemake. Come by! #Localactivity - See more at:

OpenCare: Medicina e Cura OpenSource – Alessandro Contini - See more at:

Culture Team

Is there a project you have in mind, want to make happen, but struggle to find a place/sponsor/environment for it? Maybe Galway, a candidate city for the European Capital of Culture title. As Edgeryders helps connect their application with creative, edge cutting, brave ideas, we encourage you to join.

An interesting read explaining what are syndemics. The author took an example of a small town Austin, Indiana - it  which experiences an epidemic of HIV. Why does such outburst happen there?