Calling all DiogoChallenge participants!

Hello all, judging from Twitter this year’s DiogoChallenge received over 1200 submissions. I would like to have a list of projects submitted by the Edgeryders community. Could everyone that has submitted one or more projects leave a comment to let us know? Thanks!

(1) Harmonious Hackathons

[Leo] submitted the Harmonious Hackathons application.

(2) Pan-European Food Distribution Network

A friend of mine submitted an application for the idea discussed here on Edgeryders, under the name of “Pan-European Food Distribution Network for Small-Scale Producers”.

(3) Sharing Economy LevelUp

[Dorotea] submitted an application called “Sharing Economy LevelUp”.

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yes :slight_smile:

Yes I did :slight_smile:

Thanks [Matthias] for the encouragement motivation and help :slight_smile:

(4) I submitted an idea called Mooove

1200 ? wow…

Some stuff still missing…

Can I ask [K] and [fortyfoxes] to fill in their part? David was speaking of about 15 applications FormStormside…

(5) - (10) I filled in

The FormStorm

FormStorm Crew did, as far as I know: Culture Kit, Viral Academy, Agile HelpDesk … something else… was it Talk2Me?

Oh yes, got CPH friends on board with my fav Seriously WTF Magazine. It was fun. Specially last few min before the deadline.

FormStorm Crew is pinged. Now going away&on internet diet. I’ll tell you some stories of FormStorm when I’m back.

2 more projects I submitted in addition to FormStorm 5 projects

I submitted 2 projects in one of them is posted on the edgeryders platform ,1, If We Dream.

and the other one is a collaborative software I am in planning phase, the project is called 2, DigiRecycle.

The content of the project I have posted on the same thread of the project as they are interrelated.

whereas FormStorm, Viral Academy, Culture Kit, Agile HelpDesk and WTF Magazine as K mentioned earlier were submitted.

(13?) U-MINE - Urban Mining Network

Common Grounds e.V. a partner organization of Prinzessinnengarten submitted a project porposal called “U-MINE / Urban Mining Network (Berlin)”. Below a short description. The full version can be found here.

… Cities don’t only consume goods and resources, but also produce a lot of so-called “waste”. U-MINE – The Urban Mining Network provides a platform to share material, space, knowledge and human resources. The network will start as a pilot in Berlin, bringing together young people living under precarious conditions. The Urban Mining Network will show ways to engage in alternative economies based on underused urban resources like “waste”, space, transportation, means of production etc. Existing resources in the network will be made accessible for all participants, as will other resources like materials, tools, professional knowledge and expertise. …

So that’s 12, right?

  1. Harmonious Hackathons
  2. Pan-European Food Distribution Network
  3. Sharing Economy LevelUp
  4. Moove
  5. The FormStorm
  6. Culture Kit
  7. The Viral Academy
  8. Agile HelpDesk
  9. Seriously WTF Magazine
  10. If We Dream
  11. DigiRecycle
  12. U-mine

Even if we stop here, that’s already 1% of the submissions right there. Any more?


Just for the record: [K] mentioned “something else … was it Talk2Me?” above, not included in your list probably because it’s not sure what it was. Anyway, so it’s probably 13.

Semi-finalists announced tomorrow and over next days

Let’s keep an eye on the announcements - they’ll come through the twitter account of the agency: @EUSocialInnov.

Everyone, keeping fingers crossed!