Kickstarting the #countonme digest with community news headlines. Who's in?

#COUNTONME open mailing list kickstarts this Monday!

To support community members individual projects as well as to learn new things and become smarter together than anyone can be alone we are trying a little experiment. 

We are setting up a channel where you, me and everyone we know can get a better overview of daily happenings in the network and a chance to profile yourself and your work. By joining a large-scale, shared effort.

How it works:  

You get a daily email with 3 headlines, you share them with your friends and send in your own news in return through a simply email reply. These are picked up by the official ER social media accounts (>2000 followers on facebook and twitter alike) and become the next day’s network headlines which are again spread by everyone in the list… It’s fast and cheap. Here is a sample of the 3 headlines to be delivered daily to your email box.

Sign up now to see the new world we’re building together and be seen!

Are you up for giving this a try together?

Sign up below so we can include you in the first email going out on Monday. Perpetual beta means is a test and we’ll tweak it as we go, but you’ll be able to opt out any time.

If you’ve got ideas on how to improve this or make it even easier to include more people include it in your comment below, thanks!

PS If you think your other networks might be interested in this kind of distributed social media machinery, please share this post and let’s get the ball rolling :slight_smile:

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I am definitely in

… but where is the signup link? :slight_smile:

Replying here does the trick

But added the signup form just in case, thanks for the heads up!

Me too!

Super initiative. And thanks to James Lewis for helping with the first writeup!


So, I’ve basically been offline for about 3 weeks and I’m trying to go through all the posts to see how I could contribute, but as often happens, I’m a bit lost. Anything right now you can assign to me directly?

Or nadia, as we briefly discussed in Tbilisi, perhaps we can follow up with the idea to do some crowdfunding to get Georgians to the event? I believe the idea was to set up some media campagn: write about the futurespotters, who they are, what edgeryders is, and then see of we can get people enthusiastic to contribute to flight prices?

It’s all a bit fuzzy as it was a while ago, but I am def willing to work on something!

Assign you?!

LoL, that sounded weird :slight_smile:

Inge, being around and part of the social media team already helps so much so that we all stay in touch. If you can help spread a link daily to your (now we know it) huge network, not just Georgians, is great. I don’t know about fundraising for personal travels, do people usually pay money so others can travel?

How about first seeing who wants to come, so putting together a brief for futurespotters and “translating” stewardship into something more relatable with examples from the community initiatives eg Vake? I think we need to start by making a compelling case for Georgian edgeryders to come, then think about opportunities together- maybe people have frequent flyers friends with extra miles to give away…?

Keep your headlines below 140 characters?

I am receiving and resharing the #Countonme headlines. I suggest making them much shorter, so that they can be copy-pasted into Twitter. At the moment resharing on Twitter means rewriting everything from scratch! What do you think, @Natalia Skoczylas?


I agree, i overlooked one in today’s mailing list - can we do them even shorter than what they are already?