Harmonious Hackathon

LOTE hackathons take place in spectacularly beautiful locations, are prepared with care and attention to details months in advance so that the experience is harmonious, productive and pleasant for everyone involved.

This Year’s LOTE stewardship Hackathon will take place on October 21-22 where selected projects will get the opportunity to support and be supported by their peers from around the globe while experiencing living and working in the world’s first unMonastery. During the lead up to the event, and in the physical sessions, the participants will swarm the project to troubleshoot, refine the objectives and invite others to join the hack.

This group is done to get more done at the LOTE4 Hackathon by seeing the projects and interacting with participants before arriving to the unMonastery .Suggest a project and invite collaboration, or bring your skills to help an existing project.

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