Car and moto community events

Please add your suggestions for car and moto enthusiast events taking place this spring and summer that we can visit and interview people at below. Street festival events for old timers in smaller cities, motorcycles, van life community meet-ups, larger meet-ups for camper vans and offroad expedition people - all of it is of interest :slight_smile:


  • Date & Location - Name - URL where we can learn more about it…


  • Date & Location - Name - URL where we can learn more about it…

  • Technorama Ulm, Ulm 22-24 April 2022, spare parts market and classic cars for sale

  • Veterama Hockenheimring, Hockenheim 29 April - 1 May 2022, a “market of veterans” - classical and vintage vehicles. 4k+ exhibitors, 50k+ visitors

  • Motorworld Classics Bodensee, Friedrichshaffen, 6-8 May 2022, classic cars show, spare parts

  • 1.Meeting Rheinland Car Friends Auto- and TuningClub NRW
    07.05., 13:00–18:00, and Oldtimer + Youngtimer Meeting Krefeld, 08.05., 10:00-17:00, Mo´s Bikertreff Krefeld, Kleinewefersstraße 160, Krefeld

    1. Mercedes Cabrio Meeting Mercedes, 12.05.-15.05., Hotel Glocknerhof Berg im Drautal, Österreich
    1. International BMW Meeting in Gollhofen, 14.05., 09:00–18:00, Kempes Autohof Gollhofen, Industriestraße 1, Ippesheim
  • US Car Meeting Cafe Colonia, Sa., 21.05., 17:00, Cafe Colonia
    Eduard-Rhein-Straße 58, Königswinter, All US cars are welcome

  • Technorama Hildesheim, Hildesheim 21-22 May, 2022 - historic racing with a spare parts market and the olditmers exhibition

  • FRANKFURTER AUTOMOBILAUSSTELLUNG 2022, 22.05., 10:00-18:00, Klassikstadt, Orber Strasse 4a, 60386 Frankfurt am Main, Large new car exhibition to look at, compare and test drive. Around 40 regional dealers present many different vehicles of all types, from sports cars to family cars, from more than 30 brands at the Frankfurt Motor Show

  • Audi Meeting 2022, 26.05, 10:00–17:00 Uhr, Mo´s Bikertreff, Krefeld, Kleinewefersstraße 160, Krefeld

    1. Rumblin Engine Classics, 26.05, 14:00 – 29.05., 16:00, Harley-Davidson & Custom Car Club, Wetterau e.V., Kremermühle 1, Ober-Mörlen, 4 days of custom car and custom bike meetings including supporting program in the Wetterau. Organized by the American V8 Drivers Groß Gerau e.V. and the Harley-Davidson & Custom Car Club Wetterau e.V.
  • Karrieremesse automotive TopCareer Stuttgart, 02.06.2022, 10:00-16:00 Uhr, WAGENHALLEN Stuttgart, At the automotive TopCareer, students, career starters, young professionals and experienced professionals meet around 50 companies from the entire automotive and mobility industry. The exhibitors primarily include car manufacturers and suppliers, car dealerships and industry service providers

  • Tuning Festival Karlsruhe, 05.06., 10:00–23:59, Durlach Center, Durlacher Allee 111, Karlsruhe, On June 5th, 2022 from 10 a.m. we start the Tuning Festival Karlsruhe on approx. 35,000 m² - powered by NIGRIN car care

  • Cars meet Photographers and BBQ, 10.06.,18.00 - 11.06., till 18:00, , Shooting-Event of the Year! Over 1200 cars with a lot of space between each other and over 60 photographers ensure that pictures and videos of your car are taken

  • MOTORWORLD Böblingen, 18.06., We start again! The meanwhile 13th PFF meeting takes place in the MOTORWORLD in Böblingen (all Porsche cars) What awaits you? At the last meeting we were able to register around 1,000 Porsches and more than 3,000 guests - so there is a lot to see and certainly some conversations and reunions with like-minded people. We also have interesting partners and exhibitors with us (more on that later)

  • American Car Show, 19.06., 07:00–19:00, Vinckestraße, Recklinghausen, Big US car meeting for modern cars and vintage cars, with drift show, Best Car of the Show choice, exhibitors and much more

  • CARstle 2022 VIP Car Meeting, 19.06.2022, 12:00, Schloss Weißenstein

  • VAG am Ring 2022 (Volkswagen AG), 20.06., 16:00 – 26.06. 10:30, Nürburgring Ferienpark - managed by Lindner, Parkstraße 1, Drees, What started small many years ago has now grown into a large multi-day meeting (with over 600 vehicles as day guests), don’t forget: the charitable purpose of the meeting - the fundraiser for children’s cancer aid

  • BMW & Mini Meeting at Schwäbische Alb, 25.06., 12:00–22:00, albgut Altes Lager, Gelände Albgut, Münsingen, Welcome to the 3rd BMW & Mini meeting on the beautiful Swabian Alb. As in 2019 in the middle of the Swabian Alb biosphere area in the old camp near Albgut

    1. Int. VW & Audi Meeting, 03.07., 07:00–15:00, Herbert-Frank-Straße, Waldachtal, VW Society Salzstetten
  • BMW Meets Classic 2022, Classic, brand open, Oldtimer, Youngtimer, 07.08., 11:00-18:00, Alter Festplatz, Welden Welden

  • Italian Car Meeting 2022, 12.08.,15:00–14.08.,13:00, Erbacher Wiesenmarkt, Ob. Marktstraße 1, Erbach, Our 7th international meeting for Italian vehicles is coming up after a two-year break. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an Italian super sports car, vintage car, youngtimer, two-wheeler, three-wheeler or tuning vehicle. All Italian manufacturers and vehicle types are welcome!

  • 2BRIDGE International Car Show
    27.08-28.08.,12:00-18:00, 2-day international car show, On 100,000 square meters we offer visitors a lot of sights



  • Date & Location - Name - URL where we can learn more about it…

  • Automotoretro - Torino, 28 April - 1 May 2022; huge exhibition dedicated to vintage vehicles

  • Auto e moto d’epoca - Padua, 20-23 October 2022, “the biggest vintage car and spare parts market in Europe + the biggest international event for […] collectors and aficionados”

  • The Italian Job - start: Imola, IT 11-14 October 2022, Florence 15-17 October 2022, finish: Turin 18-20 October, 2022 - gathering of the Mini Morris fans: shows, touring events


  • Classic Days Le Mans - 30 April - 1 May 2022, Le Mans - a huge event including shows, races, entertainment and special guests (Jacky Ickx this year!)


  • Quirky Camper Kelmarsh, Northamptonshire, 13th to 15th May 2022 - Camp Quirky is the only festival in the UK focused specifically on handmade campervans and all things vanlife.
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@matthias what are good German search words for us to find the right kinds of events to go to - do you know?

I vote that whoever made the excited exclamation mark next to Jacky Ickx goes to the event and interviews people. Am not pointing any fingers but @ivan I think it’s you.

haha, of course it’s me, I’ll see if it is possible - I should be in Milan around those dates. The events above do not list the F1/MotoGP racing events or rallies, but those are also wild car enthousiasts crowds.

do we know anyone in the UK who could go to this event next week? Camp Quirky Tickets ⋆ Quirky Campers Or anyone available to travel? I think this could be a great place to ask questions and record conversations as it’s really focused on a community that needs dependable and easy to repair vehicles plus they do a lot adjustments themselves. If we don’t have anyone who can make it this year, I can plan travel myself poss for next year’s? Alternatively I could ask my journo network in UK but I am not sure what our remunerations for this are. ping @ivan @matthias @nadia

This looks nice, but 13-15 May may be too close.
Let me check with Jos, but it is true we can use it next year too.

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@nadia @ivan @jos are you aware of the protests at Autostadt in Wolfburg? With the blessing of IPCC lead author Wolfgang Cramer. Maybe an interesting one to investigate?

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Maybe an interview with him rather than with them. Regardless of the point they might have, now they are accompanied by the guys throwing tomatoes on Van Gogh and mashed potatoes on Monet.
It will be difficult to give them any credibility.

They did not organise quite well also, tbh.

We are not in the business of giving people credibility! But it is ethnographically interesting that car events are held to be a symbol for capitalism destroying the planet. How do drivers feel about this? What do they propose to do? How is the circular economy a part of this conversation?

Ok. What did you have in mind, a collective interview/seminar with the nine of them on cars-captialism-climate-circularity, and then written outputs?

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This is for @Nica and the team to decide. I am merely happy that car events have become so politically charged, it seems like an opportunity.

@Nica - the interviews from 4WD are on the platform now.

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Can you please send a link to where they are? I looked in the Treasure Workspace and didn’t see them…

In fact, they are not in Treasure Workspace but under Treasure’s open category like all the others.
We use Workspace for coordination and sync.

Sorry if I am being daft – I am still not seeing them! The most recent link on the Workspace re-directs back to this thread…

Pinged you here. Ler me know if you don’t see it

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Okay – the POPREBEL report is DONE (Hallelujah!) and delivered, so I can turn my full attention back to TREASURE now. Will get started on coding these next week.