Case Study Adventures - Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Morocco, Romania and Ukraine

project 1

Leadership school in Armenia

Why do you think their work is important or interesting?

This school is really important for young armenian people it make them more independent, help to realise their ideas, develop their organizing, communicating creating skills, learn to love nature and other peoples, gives possibility to visite orphanages, nursing home organize events, games.

Yerevan, Armenia

The lessons are held in Congress Hotel (Yerevan).

Address: Italy 1 Str., Yerevan, 0010, Armenia.


Phone: (37410) 559-126

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Case Studies from Egypt

Hi @Nadia and @Noemi,

As I mentioned in my comment on the group, I’ve contacted two of the three project that would be case studies for EdgeRyders community. I’m writing the answers about them here as the Wiki isn’t editable yet.

  1. Reffy - ريفي
    • Because they're introducing new healthy products to the Egyptian citizens like enormous kinds of bees honey, herbs and oils.
    • They're producing, packaging, marketing and identifying healthy Egyptian foods. Reviving the heritage of Egyptian food.
    • Cairo, Egypt
    • Full address isn't available.
    • Samar Ali, @SamarAli, website not available yet but here it's
    • Yes, Youssef Essam, the founder.
  2. ​Mwazna - موازنة
    • Because they simplify the government budget to the normal Egyptian citizens.
    • Making government budget available to everyone by explaining and visualizing it.
    • Cairo, Egypt.
    • Full address isn't available.
    • Samar Ali, @SamarAli,
    • Yes, Tarek Amr and Amr Sobhy, the co-founders
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Projects in Armenia and Morocco

So I’ve been thinking of 3 projects in Armenia and Morocco and the Moroccan projects came to my mind quicker somehow. Here they are:

Priscilla Queen of Medina - basically an alternative accommodation - an Artist Residency and Performance/Event Space based in the Marrakech Medina, the owners engage the local community and visitors from all over the world to create art and more.

  1. They successfully engage local community and foreigners in art projects and provide an alternative accommodation for visitors of Marrakech
  2. This is an artist residency and performance/event space based in the Marrakech Medina, the owners engage the local community and visitors from all over the world to create art and more.
  3. Marrakech, Morocco
  4. 27 Derb el Ferrane, Azbezt, Medina Marrakech
  5. Anna Kamay @iriedawta
  7. Yes, the co-founders, Hanaa and Siyam


  1. They give the opportunity to craftsmen in Morocco sell their own goods with fair prices without having to go through an intermediary. The craftsmen have their accounts from where they can upload each item they make and sell it at a price they desire.Anou represents a fundamental shift in the fair-trade industry. Instead of asking how organizations can help, we ask how can we build a resilient community of artisans where outside help and fair-trade organizations are no longer needed.
  2. A community of artisans working together to establish equal access to the free market.
  3. Various locations, Morocco
  4. N/A
  5. Anna Kamay @iriedawta
  7. Not personally but the travel venture I work for collaborates with them


  1. Angelo is a New York based artisit and pro skier that helps the local mountain guides get a professional training and qualification which is otherwise impossible for them to obtain.
  2. Atla(s)now is a community platform for cross-disciplinary collaboration created by Angelo Bellobono (artist and ski coach) to explore the potential of art and skiing in defining creative placemaking to positively transform and enrich communities on the Higher Morroccan Atlas mountains.
  3. Oukaimeden, High Atlas mountains, Morocco
  4. N/A
  5. Anna Kamay @iriedawta
  7. Yes, Angelo - the founder

I will write about projects in Armenia tomorrow :slight_smile:



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Case studies Armenia

  1. Homeland Developement initiative Foundation

HDIF strives to enliven Armenian economy putting stress on developement of rural areas. They focus especially on women. A number of projects are run in regions: traditional hand-made dolls, chrochet, bags with traditional ornaments, woodworks, ceramics, etc. They are also organizing festivals in rural areas, like Taraz /clothes usually traditional ones/ fest, honey and berry fest, Golden wheat fest, etc. Thus, fostering the developement of tourism as well. A great case of social enterprise in Armenia.

  1. Kolba Labs

Kolba labs is a social venture incubator. They are identifying social challenges and helping those who have ideas on how to be a positive change and make those ideas come true. They are open for collaboration.

  1. One Armenia

It’s a community organization bazed in Yerevan and New York City. They are  facilitating cultural and technological areas in Armenia. They are crowdsourcing 2-4 cultural and technological projects per year. And though they are focusing mainly on Armenia but they strive to work also globally.Crowdsourcing, volunteering, creativity and invention are the keywords.

  1. Aralez eco-hause

A nature tourism development centre which is promoting nature tourism opportunities both in local and international markets.As well as assists local communities in developing new nature tourism products. Was founded in 2004 by the Fund for Biodiversity Conservation of Armenian Highland. Cooperates with WWF Norway and WWF Armenia.

What about online engagement: well perhaps it wouldn’t be difficult to engage some of them but then it will need efforts to keep them engaged. For the others it will be a bit difficult to engage. In most cases face to face communication is still to be a first step. Well, if they find it mutually beneficial they will keep tuned.

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As confirmed in another comment, the Youth Volunteering Coordination Space group and all content is now public.


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Case Studies in Egypt

1. Cairo Tech Map

  • Mercy Corps Egypt, in cooperation with Endeavor Insight.
  • Visualising information often reveals valuable otherwise-hidden information. The tech sector is rapidly expanding in Egypt, and the Tech Map shows its main Connector Nodes: Companies such as ItWorx or Sysdsoft. Mapping over time, TA telecom seems to be developing potential ahead of its time. 
  • The Cairo Tech Map is a "comprehensive survey of the Cairo tech sector" by Mercy Corps Egypt and Endeavour Insight. 
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Link (Online Only)
  • Mohamed Hegazy, @Hegazy
  • Link


  • Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • CI-LAS currently has ~40 students enrolled in its one-year liberal arts study programme. Its education is unique, both focusing on a liberal arts curriculum encompassing a wide array of fields in the Humanities; as well as a discussion and application based learning methodology. Both are currently unique within Egypt's largely stagnating educational sector. CILAS is currently preparing their third enrolment year.
  • "The Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences CILAS invites students from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to engage with the liberal arts through a pedagogy of discovery. CILAS hosts a dynamic, discussion-based learning environment conducive to creative inquiry, self-reflection, and civic engagement. Co-creation of knowledge at CILAS is fostered through classroom discussion and debate, workshops, musical performances, guest lectures, field visits, cooking, laughing, and listening. " 
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • 36 Al-Muiz Al-Din Allah Al-Fatimi Street, Islamic Cairo, Egypt
  • Mohamed Hegazy, @Hegazy
  • Link


  • Sekem
  • Sekem started on an empty desert land in 1977 with a vision of sustainable agricultural development based on biodynamic farming principles. Today SEKEM employs more than 4000 farmers on its reclaimed farm, in addition to a multitude of companies, associations and educational institutions. 
  • SEKEM's goals are to "restore and maintain the vitality of the soil and food as well as the biodiversity of nature" through sustainable, organic agriculture and to support social and cultural development in Egypt. They locally and globally advocate for a holistic approach to sustainable development." 
  • SEKEM main farm
  • SEKEM main farm
  • Hegazy, @Hegazy
  • Link
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Casa Studies - Armenia

So i’ll just go ahead and put it here, and maybe @Nadia or @Noemi could transfer it to the wiki later.

Meeting Point

1.Meeting point is a flexible platform, designed and dedicated for various open air artistic expressions, events, exhibitions, experimental theater plays, dance, movie screenings etc.

  1. They are open for everybody when they host events, and they welcome collaboration ideas and provide space and ground for artists

  2. Jrvezh, Yerevan, Armenia

  3. Lilit Paravyan - the founder

Institute for contemporary Art & Nest community center

  1. Alternative art and education/community center

2.  This is the only art education program in Armenia offering experimental syllabuses and it is led by a faculty of key theorists, curators, artists and arts managers operating in Armenia.

  1. Yerevan, Armenia

  2. Nvard Yerkanian -  program manager @ ICA

Tumo Center for Creative Technologies

  1. Tumo is a new kind of after-school learning environment where students aged 12-18 are in charge of their own learning.

2. Guided by skilled educators and mentored by media professionals, students navigate through their personal learning plans via the Tumo World, a special learning interface that prepares them for hands-on practice. Specialized workshops, guest lectures and community events give students a chance to apply their knowledge and skills to the world around them.

  1. Yerevan, Armenia

  2. Marie Lou Papazian and some of the teachers

As for the second question, it is going to be a mix of online-offline channels in Armenia as not everybody is e-literate in the regions. I am sure meeting face-to-face is the right way to start the online engagement as well as the idea of reward made obvious. Trust is a crucial factor too combined with a comprehensive introduction to the benefits of participation for the future members.

@Nadia let me know when we can Skype, I’m done with both countries :slight_smile:

A different tech solution for this …

Dear Case Study adventurers: we’re doing a similar mapping exercise earthquake-response initiatives in the Future Makers Nepal project and decided to go for a different tech solution. Every tool for its job, and wikis are just not a good tool for structured and comfortable data collection.

So I looked for a very simple, web-based database solution and found, which is like Google Docs real-time editing but for databases, which Google does not provide. To demonstrate, I created the structure and first record of your database here. (To edit and contribute, use this link; it gives read-write access after a login with a Google account. Not too great to share this publicly as there might be spammers, but Google accounts are probably just as good a spam protection as Edgeryders accounts, so … .) To get an integration with, it may be possible to embed the published read-only version linked above, or else to copy results via CSV exports into a table daily.

You may also consider to duplicate this database to a new, non-public one and use that, sharing the link only with the engagement managers in these countries. Otherwise, you can’t legally collect personally identifiable information about contact persons for these initiatives. (That’s why we use a non-public database atm.) You still can publish the public columns of the dataset daily by exporting as CSV, converting to a HTML table and copy&paste’ing it into a post here.

International Center for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue


This organization gives opportunity to young people to travel and to recognize other cultures and countries and organize some events and seminars for foreigners in Armenia where they get acquainted with armenian culture and customs.

Aims of the organization:

  • Promotion of intercultural, inter-religious and inter-civilization dialogue
  • Conflict resolution and establishment of a Culture of Peace in the world
  • Consolidation of the potential of representatives of different cultures for the solution of global challenges


  • Research of cultural peculiarities of different ethnic and cultural groups as well as comparative inter-cultural research and presentation of results to a wider audience
  • Research and training courses on intercultural learning on national, regional and international level
  • Development of a database on cultures of the world (ethnic music, films, photo archive etc.)
  • Organization of various international youth projects in the framework of the programs of Council of Europe and European Commission

Adress of the office: 13 Frik str., Yerevan, Armenia

Only for postal purposes: ICIRLD 52/20 Andranik Street, Yerevan 0064 Armenia

Tel: +374 10 58 50 92, Mob: +374 99 401 600

General information:

EVS departement:

Research departement:

utopianlab armenia

I added Utopianlab in Yerevan to the list. I don’t know them myself personally, but @remi visited them last Friday and I checked out their online presence and they may be interesting to this project as well.

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Cases from Belarus

  1. Social weekend

A great help for good idea to come into life, with local resources

A competition to connect social activists/organisations (environment, inclusion, cultural, sports, etc) with local businesses and philanthropists who are interested to support social projects. One of organizers is, is a social enterprise - an online auction for meetings that puts money to the charity projects, and they make prizes for this contest themselves, too.

Place: Minsk, but the initiative is country-wide

Contact: Denis Kondratovich

  1. Remara festival

They teach young people basics of active participation (because of strong executive power, in Belarus some young people have a vague idea of parliaments’ role in general…)

They organize a few days simulation game on made-up Remara republic for young people: ministries and municipalities, elections, tax system, etc where they learning by doing about how state and its mechanisms function. The festival is organized by students themselves.

Place: Minsk, the festival is held outdoors (camping) in Minsk region

Contact: Aliaksandra Kuzmich

  1. School of Superheroes

An important initiative to show that people themselves can change to city for better.

A training program on urban and local community development, cultural management, and participants (Superheroes) implement their own projects (neighborhood clean-ups, picnics, etc).

Place: Minsk

Contact: Nadia Ilkevich

The projects/initiatives proposed by Mikhail are also a good choice, i thought of Free market, too, as a good example of promotion of eco-friendly life-style for public. There is an online project for Belarusians for sharing things (Have more by owning less) Contact: Konstantin Reido

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We also toyed with the “school of superheroes” concept when we were designing the original Edgeryders. Thanks, @yuliya.stankevich!

Dear Nadia,

some interesting cases from Ukraine (would be updated further more)

  1. Maidan Press Center

an NGO, that aims to give press conference platform for NGO sector, social activists, volunteer groups (the number is quite big now in Ukraine, due to the war conditions (contacts can be send further, and their description too). It’s not supported by the goverment, and present an alternative platform opposed to the Ukrainian Crises Media Center, whose mostly presenting govermental officials, and supported NGO initiatives by various donors, and goverment in particular.

Their contact information is

тел.: +38 (096) 929 39 90

тел.: +38 (050) 190 33 30


Contact person is Yulia Mulyavskaya

  1. Theater for dialog

A good initiative on conflict solving and for creation of safe environment for dialog as to events in Ukraine. Here organizers aim to help participants to be heard and to try different variants of problem-solving via speaking proposals and than creation of the improvised performance. (Via methodology of Theater of oppressed).

  1. IDP expeditions

Video expeditions on the state of Crimean and Eastern Ukraine IDPs after escaping war like/conflict territories. The program aims to establish a dialogue with locals of the territories to which IDPs are moving and to picture realities of the Ukrainian conflict alongside creation the data of needs and problems with which IDPs are meeting.

Youtube channel


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ping @anique.yael
Some interesting project delivery organisations mentioned in this wiki by @nadia.
Thinking particularly about the Morocco arts orgs in relation to the project idea in that country.

Except a few more of these pop ups as i engage in a big reading and research activity through the older threads on the platform. I’m looking for arts, artists, edge-y arts organasations and the forgotten threads…

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Yay and thanks @alex_levene ! Will dive in next week after the DSI Fair.