Coming up: a meeting with FEBEA and DG GROW on the New Bauhaus

Calling @noemi, @manuelpueyo, @Malcolm, @Sabine_B_Frank, @hugi and @BaobabUrbain: in a recent meeting with the European Federation of Ethical Banks (notes), we have been made aware of the European Commission’s New Bauhaus project. It is very early days, but they are in principle happy to be involved. They proposed to organize for us a meeting with the DG GROW person responsible for the project. I am curious.

What do you think? Anyway I am eager to restart the quest. If only the damn pandemic would go away…


I’m very eager, especially since Blivande have been framing ourself explicitly with Bauhaus as our benchmark internally for more than a year - way before Ursula von der Leyen started talking about it. I just wish we had a blog post to show for it - this is just from our meetings and internal documentation. Just two weeks ago I said in a meeting with people from the city: “We have high ambitions: We want to be a participatory and co-created Bauhaus for Stockholm in the 21st century.”

Compare Ursula von der Layen’s quote “a co-creation space where architects, artists, students, engineers, designers work together” with our vision statement:

Cultivating creative collaboration in the arts requires a shift in how we think about categories. Traditionally, art has been isolated from other avenues of work. There are many reasons for this, including that artists require access to rough spaces to build in, which is often seen as incompatible with other uses. However, much is gained by a space that allows for cross-pollination between people of different skills and professions. Sculptors and engineers. Plumbers and architects. Painters and lawyers. Performers and computer scientists. Welders and scenographers. We believe that such a place is possible, and we are building it.

So yes, I’m in - 100%.

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Absolutely ! This sounds like an interesting way to go for The Reef project. Count me in. :wink:

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Thanks, Alberto. I just shared a Facebook post of mine about the New Bauhaus initiative with you - I didn’t make the link with The Reef at the time, but good idea!
I note the initiative will “Provide financial support to innovative ideas and products through ad-hoc calls for proposals and through coordinated programs included in the Multi-Annual Financial Framework.”


Good point, Sabine. Meanwhile, I may have gained a new Reefling… We’ll see.

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I also noticed the potential in that practical phase of the calls, but it seems like we’d want to be involved already at the co-design and stakeholder meetings - where all the criteria and wording of the calls gets inspiration from. In this case, there would probably be ample space for ecological urban living! Hopefully that phase won’t take too long - stakeholder co-design is iffy :slight_smile: as some people around here know.

Well spotted Alberto, depending on the timing I might participate too,

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(slightly off-topic but thought it’s best to not start another thread for just 1 example :slight_smile:
Just came across this project: BedZED is apparently UK’s first large-scale eco-village, didn’t know about it but it’s been around for quite some time…

heads up is malfunctioning.

@IvanC this is your chance to learn how to make a super simple website with the webkit.

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Good catch. So, there is a “One Planet network” of real estate developers for sustainable housing. It’s not very thick yet, all I can see in Belgium are two consultants: Altimedes, that appear to be a carbon pricing outfit, and a Horizon 2020 project called BAMB. The coordinator is Brussels Environment – I fired an email to the (ex) project coordinator.

Just FYI, we are hosting a conversation using the New Bauhaus conversation kit, with Blivande as a focal point. Join in to learn the format, and we can host another one focused on either the Reef network or the Brussels Reef project?

Here is a general update for the benefit of @manuelpueyo, @Sabine_B_Frank, @Malcolm, @noemi, @BaobabUrbain, @irene_1, @hugi and myself.

  1. New European Bauhaus. Through the Sci-Fi Economics Lab and @giacomo.pinaffo, we have met FEBEA, the European Federation of Ethical Banks. They proposed to organize us a meeting with the people in the NEB. @ivan is on it.
  2. Co-housing is coming to be seen as a problem by some Brussels communes, notably 1000, St-Gilles and Ixelles. Gentrification/price increases are seen as the main risks. This looks connected to a model à la WeWork, “all inclusive” fake communities (source).
  3. I found Cohousing projects, a Flemish company that organizes real estate operations around groups. Most of their material is in Dutch, but it looks like an interesting model, less centralized than that of Wooncoop.
  4. Geert from Community Land Trust got in touch yesterday out of the blue. They are finally starting the cooperative we discussed in 2019, Common Ground.
  5. I might have found a new person to come live in The Reef.
  6. Most importantly, @manuelpueyo is organizing a well-prepared meeting. So we have a real opportunity to make some kind of plans for the post-lockdown phase… if that ever even happens.

One more update: Common Ground, the new cooperative by Community Land Trust, is being presented in an upcoming webinar on March 1st. Registration is here.

I also attach their brochure.
Brochure Français_compressed (00000003).pdf (1.4 MB)

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