Common spaces

Hello @reef-facilitation,

Here are some further details on the discussion on the common spaces.

Overall objective

The overall objective is for the group to come to an agreement on

  • Which common spaces / functionalities we would like to include, and
  • How these common spaces would be used (can they be reserved, does it cost money, how will they be cleaned, …)

We need this decision before we can start scouting for a site.

The decision should be more or less final. Only when we buy the site we can re-open it once to make some adjustments in function of the site.


We are not fully clear about how we want to complete this process (first draft is saved here).

Any advice on how to go about this would be very welcome.

First discusssion to explore options at one of the next plenaries

To kick start the process we would like to give a short presentation (15 minutes Q&A included), followed by a sort of brainstorming exercise.

If this would be useful, we have a list of possible rooms in the Blueprint brochure (p. 6) and a list from a Team Building brainstorming in the minutes (26/07, table at the end).

For the brainstorming exercise we would like to keep it as realistic as possible, and focus in particular on the following aspects:

  • How would you use room XYZ?
  • Which questions do we need to clarify about room XYZ?
Example: Guest room


  • My mother would sleep over +/- 4 times a year. She’s a little older and would appreciate it if the guest room had some privacy.
  • My goldchild and her sisters would probably come for a sleepover a couple of times a year. They would need bunk beds but don’t need a lot of luxury.


  • Would we have a booking system?
  • What if several people want to use the guest room at the same time?
  • Who will take care of the cleaning?
  • Would it be free or would it cost a small amount of money?
Example: Multi-purpose room


  • I am a member of a choir and if the possibility exists we could use The Reef’s multi-purpose room for our rehearsals.
  • I would like to invite my family (80 people) for an annual get-together.


  • Who will take care of the bookings of the multi-purpose room?
  • Would it cost money to use it?
  • What if several people want to use it at the same time?
  • Who will take care of the cleaning?
Question to Team Facilitation

Can you work with this?

Happy to discuss if you need further input!

Hello @reef-building,

I moved the common spaces discussion to a separate thread, because it’s important and otherwise we won’t be able to find it back.

Outcome of the brainstorming at the plenary meeting on 15 September

(see also the minutes):

  • Rooftop

  • Soundproof room (e.g. for band repetitions)

  • Fitness room, tatami space

  • Laundry room

  • Dining room, guest corner, big eating hall

  • Bathroom, bath tub, sauna

  • Bike storage

  • Guest rooms

  • Workshop / tools room

  • Spare rooms

  • Silent space, quiet corner

  • Common living room

  • Children’s corner, play room

  • Coworking space

  • Multipurpose room, community meeting room, stage, room for workshops, playground for adults

  • Common kitchen, professional kitchen

Next step?

What I think we need to clarify now for these rooms at a plenary meeting brainstorm is two things:

  1. How we picture these rooms
  2. Identify the rooms that affect our choice for our private units. Example: if there is a common guest room, most people won’t get one in their private unit.

Question: do you agree with these two questions as the next step, or would you prefer to discuss this first at a Team Building meeting?

  • If yes: would somebody be willing to volunteer to plan that meeting?

  • If no: would somebody be willing to volunteer to plan a meeting after the plenary of 12/10, so that we can discuss the results of the second brainstorm and prepare a proposal?

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Sounds like a good plan to do it directly at the plenary…

At the moment, is team building just us two and Matteo right?
If yes, how about I just throw some dates out there and you guys tell me if that works for you?
So here:

  • tuesday 18/10
  • Tuesday 25/10
    What do you say? :slight_smile:

I can do 18/10 and 25/10. On 24/10 we have the public presentation and on the 26th a plenary meeting, so I have a strong preference for the 18th.

For the 24th, indeed, I actually took it out just after posting. Weird that you still see it as an option…
For the 18th, we have booked a team governance meeting at 8… what’s the earliest you guys could meet? I could maybe move the other meeting to 8.30 if we meet early enough…