Community Call 17th of September - Festival Proposal Mini Presentations, Info and Feedback

Hello, dear community members and everyone interested in participating in the Edgeryders NGI Festival, if you want to know what is planned for the Edgeryders NGI Community Festival or want to have some feedback about the idea you are proposing before the deadline on the 20th of September, come to our community call on Tuesday the 17th of September from 18:00.

If you have an idea we will give everyone who wants up to 5 minutes presenting their project to get some feedback, but if you are not there yet or just want to listen, no problem.

If you want to present please post your name under this thread. You can prepare by filling in this form about what you would like to contribute. (If you just want to help out realizing other projects there is also an option for that in the form and it helps us to get an overview):

If you have any questions, ask away here or in the call.


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added it to my calendar. I should be there!

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Hi folks. I’m about 90% certain I can make this. See you then!

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Yep see you!


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We are moving towards the next step now :)!

We have figured out the over all budget (12 000 EUR + 2500 EUR for travel) and now we have to plan and see how to distribute it and what we need to do to help each other realise the workshops, hackathons and talks.

At this point do we need some more information from your side:

At the very least we need to know:

  1. Names of main organisers
  2. Date
  3. Title of the event
  4. Short description (1-3 sentences)
  5. How long is the event
  6. How many people?
  7. Where is the event?
  8. What else do you need?

You can quickly answer that in this sheet as soon as possible (this week!):


We developed this one specifically for the festival, taking into account the questions and needs that came up during the previous calls and discussions.

We need this to be filled out by everyone contributing an event by the 20th of September!

It is also a great help to develop your proposal post and/or prepare for the community call on the 17th of September 18:00 Brussels time:

During that call everyone who wants will be given up to 5 minutes to present their idea and get feedback and support from others. This is a great opportunity to develop your idea further before the initial proposal deadline on the 20th. After that date we will start to distribute budget and helpers, and the sooner you are in this process, the better!

Looking forward to your answers and to see you in the call!

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A reminder to everyone who wants to propose an event/help with graphics or similar for the Edgeryders festival. The call is today 18:00 Brussels time

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Looking forward to it, see you in a bit!

My internet right now is only good enough for writing and reading, but please do let me know how I can help!

there is documentation of the call - maybe if you could have a look and summarise key points that think make sense for us to take away from it?

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@MariaEuler @inge
Darnit. I got the dates confused. Are there notes or such from the meeting?

A status update from me is that I have safed the location in Malmö, for no cost, and am currently looking at the dates of the 23-24th of November with a smaller gathering on the 24th and a larger gathering on the 23d.

The plan is to organize it as a world café which includes note taking role at each table.

I’m still double checking the travel plans but have a preliminary yes from three speakers, one from Aarhus, one from Helsinki and one from Paris.

The theme for the conference will be tech + earth with the taglines etc still to be figured out. I can create the graphics for this as well but would be happy to ensure that this is coherent with the rest of the design.

Looking forwards to hear more about how things are developing. I would also be keen on partaking in a smaller call with people from the Berlin group / the Stockholm group :cherry_blossom:

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Cool. I put together a draft for a potential festival event/workshop on topics at the intersections of climate/ecological degradation (stresses to earth systems) and tech.

Feel free to use/develop/remix/critique/discard

Any comments/suggestions for people to reach out to are welcome.

Also, this is an open invitation for anyone who wants to participate or collaborate on this somehow.

ping @mrchrisadams @William_COACT @Anni @johncoate @MariaEuler @martin @sander @ilaria @noemi @janetgunter (@matthias heads up re context for that EarthOs/autarchy lab presentation I mentioned…)

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@MariaEuler Right now we are planning a workshop on ecoarchitecture (essentially a design sprint to cocreate infrastructure for new commons-oriented coop) in Saarbruecken on Nov 28. The ws is integrated into a seminar at the art academy dedicated to the “cultures of open” . If there is any budget available it would be used to bring two people from the edgeryder network and/or likeminded orgs to Saarbruecken. Sorry I keep missing calls but it has been a superbusy month of travel / conferences, no lack if interest. I also wanted to ask if we can use the platform fir the cultures of open group.

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@MariaEuler I submitted via yr typeform but lost my internet connection during submission… did u get it?

@soenke looks like I have an entry from you :). Your internet lasted long enough. Thank you. Looking forward to it!