Community Call 2014-11-27: The Edgeryders caravan heads off to 31C3

Hi Everyone!

We’re going to #31C3, and we’re even setting up an Edgeryders assembly woop woop!

As the date is approaching fast it’s time to have a hangout to discuss what we want to do and then split tasks so everyone knows who is doing what.

My aim with the call is for us to have filled in this wiki so we can submit our assembly to the program and start making the magic happen :slight_smile:

To catch up before the call check out the conversation in the comments here. Also if you are new to Edgeryders, this article on Dazed by @elviapw is a good read:

See you thursday at 11:00 CET : Join Hangout

P.s. let us know if you are joining the call!

Date: 2014-11-27 10:00:00 - 2014-11-27 10:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

I’m joining :slight_smile:

I’m joining. I hope to catch up with @danohu before the call.

Can’t make it

I am busy with a seminar… :frowning:

Rough timing, but planning to hangout.

I’ve been known to fall asleep after thanksgiving meals… haa, no kidding. I’ll be at the hangout tomorrow for sure, bye now.

Can join

I am a bit pressed for time but I can join the meeting as long as it is brief.

hangout now :slight_smile:


me and Dan are here waiting for everyone to join,

should we join the community call hangout ?

we are there :slight_smile:

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