Set up an assembly at CCC

Hi everyone,

Is anyone else going to CCC? I thought it might be cool to test out one of the ideas we had in the meeting after lote about different event formats. This idea being going to different events and setting up some kind of presence there. So does anyone want to set up an assembly with me?

BTW, we have reserved a hostel room with six beds. @danohu, @Alberto and I are going, but if you need a cheap or free place to stay at CCC, claim one of the remaining three!

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I’ll be there.

If we have an assembly, I’d advise making it a sub-assembly of NoisySquare. NoisySquare is the “central meeting space for politics involving technology and vice versa”. Last year it was a very friendly, emotionally intelligent space, with a lot of participants one degree of friendship away from EdgeRyders.

Linking with noisysquare means we will be around like-minded people. So we’ll maximise opportunities for collaboration, and be in a good place to creatively co-use the space.

great idea

Totally on board. OK, so do we need to fill in the same form?

Re what the subassembly be about…I have two suggestions

  1. Hacking well-being: P2p care, mutual support and lifestyle innovation  in mission driven communities.

  2. Building Harmonious Hackathon nr 2

I was thinking maybe one workshop we could do is on stewardship, what have we learned about community powered projects from the conversation and case studies at #lote4.

I just built and was thinking of doing something comparable ahead of 31c3… Thoughts?

same form, but list ‘noisysquare’ as the ‘parent assembly’.

Also engage with the noisysquare wiki, mailing list, etc, to work things out collectively

So, there are two things:

  1. assembly/sub-assembly. This is basically our table -- somewhere between a stall and a place to hang out. I'd just call it EdgeRyders. 
  2. "self-organized session". These are pretty informal things -- could be just a discussion circle, with people wandering in and out. Your ideas all sound good. There's also a lot of flexibility to arrange last-minute sessions based on discussions we have during the event

I particularly like the theme of care and mutual support. Over the past few years it feels that the CCC community has been gradually becoming more aware of this as an issue, catalyzed by several high-profile suicides. This talk was an absolute highlight of the event 2 years ago.

On the website…this is one community that doesn’t need prettiness in websites. Having a good, clear, hacker-targeted introduction to ER would help a lot – but I’d put it into the 31C3 wiki rather than on its own site. I’d also put effort into:

  • somehow marking/customizing our space. Nothing too fancy/expensive/NGOish, just something to make it into our home rather than another identical table.
  • having some stuff for passers-by (e.g. leaflets, laptop stickers)
  • having practical ideas of what people can do to become more involved in edgeryders
  • looking out for potential collaboration with groups/individuals
  • bringing people into using the ER platform (e.g. running our planning here)
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With or without the assembly, it would be nice to arrange a session. some small thing we can run, possibly within noisysquare.

It’d be nice to make it not just an introduction to edgeryders, but something that can build a bridge between us and the CCC community, and ideally lead on to greater collaboration. I don’t have any ideas yet, but I’ll think about it.

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Can I reserve a bed?

I’m involved in the fc-slash-eight assembly but I just discovered the edgeryders project and I have a lot of questions. I’m an open source developer and I feel that “we” are not paying adequate attention to “you” and the people who you are serving. Can I reserve a bunk?

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Welcome from me, too. Sure, grab the bunk beds. We will explore the potential for interaction. Also pinging @msanti… what will you do?

I’m ready!

Please reserve a bed for me, if available. The ‘care’ topic is interesting (and the notes are full of ideas to be developed) and can be linked with a wide range of other issues (environment, open data, IoT, …). Let’s explore!

Is a bunk still be avail? it would help $$

Hello, If the last bunk is still available for another fc-slash-eight’er, It’d be wicked appreciated. If there is anything else I should answer, don’t hesitate to ask – I’m an open book

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Hi @cjd and @igel

welcome to our home on the Internets :slight_smile:

Yes the bunk beds are still available. I would like for them to support people with complementary aims/interests with the Edgeryders already going…

Do you know what you are aiming to learn/build/find/do at the event?

Maybe we can help each other. I think Dan pointed out so well what it is we are trying to achieve together here:

Personally I am passionate about building Harmonious Hackathons as a p2p support infrastructure for meaningful, beautiful and clever projects that are valuable whether or not the market can regognise them as such. One theme is that of hacking well-being and care. We did a session about it at the last community event in October and it would be great to carry that work forward.

Maybe have a look at the notes and see what you think we could do at 31C3 and if/how you could help?

Hi and thanks for the welcome, the answer to the first question was a bit complicated so I put it in the /arrivals/ section

As far as what to do at the c3, my personal opinion is that events are for talking and not for hacking. It’s also my opinion that programmers usually (always?) make the wrong software because we don’t talk to people and get an idea of the real pain points which people are encountering. ER is trying to build what are effectively micro-states so you will know very well what are the problems which one runs into when doing these things and problems are mainly what I want to discuss.

Thank you for the welcoming

#### Aims / Interests

Thank you for the welcoming. Above all I am interested in sharing what I learn. However, the building of trust among organizers is ideally a liberal concern of mine. So perhaps the goal will be to find and share with others our experiences in local outreach to international relations.

#### Hackathons

For sure! I’ve been interested in participating more in recent hackathons (locally) put on by Code For America / Code for Boston, But only got my feet wet. I enjoy the grunt work, no pun intended.

#### Collaboration

From what I have read so far in ‘Edgeryders guide to the future’ it is safe to say there exists a common effort among the CCC assemblies mentioned above and of course the Edgeryders platform.

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I would like to join too :slight_smile:

I would like to join you in this adventure too

beds secured for Danohu, cjd, igel, Dorota and Msanti

Guys you’re set. I reserved an extra bed in case someone is the community is stranded or wants to join us last minute. If any of  you guys cancel please let me know in advance so the beds don’t go to waste.

Thank you <3

Thank you <3

Ok awesome, I’ll go ahead and cancel my reservation at the Raddison, now how much of this can I pay for without it becoming weird and patronistic?

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Nadia – Thank you very much. I’ll absolutely give notice.

Thank you!

@Nadia just to plan the travel, what nights have you reserved?

26/12 - 30/12

all the nights.