Community call 25 Sept at 11 CET

A weekly online meetup for Edgeryders everywhere to catch up and scheme ahead over a cup of coffee.

This month’s community calls focus almost entirely on getting better at collaborating with one another and ensuring that Living on the Edge: The Stewardship will be meaningful for all attending. It’s our major event each year, and it tends to inspire breakthrough ideas like the unMonastery.

On Thursday we’ll be going through the current program, tag sessions according to the 3 conference tracks they belong to (stewarding digital assets, physical assets, and communities), see what is missing and who is hosting what, ask each other what else we should be proposing and how can we feel more encouraged to propose a session.  Got something to propose on the agenda? Put it in a comment below…

JOIN OUR GOOGLE HANGOUT, starts Thursday the 25th at 11 am, central European time (The hangout can host up to 10 people, so please confirm here if you’re joining to manage the space)

Date: 2014-09-25 09:00:00 - 2014-09-25 09:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

Manning the unMonastery and other things for the agenda

I would like to put on the agenda:

  1. unMonastery Lite, related to manning the unMonastery – people are already starting to organize the space, there is a lurking presumption that whoever comes can just crash there, so we need to get on top of this fast. Ping @katalin and @Bembo_Davies, hope one of you can make the call tomorrow. 
  2. "setup days" – the space will need some love. 
  3. Making LOTE4 child-friendly – it worked well at Futurespotters! 


I mentioned this in an email to @Noemi but due to the fact that I unfortunately booked my flight to Berlin tomorrow morning, I won’t be able to make the call - In the morning I will compile a bunch of info and points prior to the call and post it here but if there’s anything specific you need from me please let me know tonight!

No stress

We’ll put up notes, as always, and there is a call every week anyway. Take it easy!


Okay then, so just a few things.

  • Curators: 
    • Fabrizio: Has confirmed for the full event, waiting on his assistants to connect with logistic details. 
    • Amelia: Got back to me last night, it looks like she'll be available to come night of 23rd - 25th/26th. 
    • Robin: Confirmed, sorting travel arrangement. 
    • David: Seemingly can't come. 
    • Riel: Can't come. 
  • Sessions, I've been driving sessions via personal email, this seems to be very effective - and there are more coming. 
  • Top level architecture, I can give some time to this over the weekend but Alberto if you have the bandwidth, help is appreciated in advance - and you have a pretty good handle on this. 
    • Core structure should come with panel sessions, intro sessions and wrap up sessions, for each track. As well as guidance to curators as to how productive interaction could play out. 
  • unMon (not so) lite, Bembo and Katalin have got this, I've seen and briefly discussed preliminary plans, they're saying it'll be public 5th of Oct but I'd like to suggest it come sooner to be discussed today I am sure. 
  • unMo building, confirming a start up team to get the building in good order, essential, dates need to be confirmed. 
  • Who is coming - I have some concern that the wiki isn't the best route for this - are we entirely opposed to a google doc and/or having someone ping people directly and find out their travel details - because I know a lot of people who have said they're coming but are not on that list. I think it's detrimental to have it look like no one is coming, more people say they're coming, the more people who will come. 
  • Materani Sessions, where are they? Can we have a clear update from Nico on progress with this. Katalin has been contacting people individually to rouse more sessions. 
  • MT2019, support, communication etc - Would it be possible for Natalia to do a relatively informal public meeting for LOTE4, hopefully also with Nico? In order to drive participation. 

That’s all from me for now. Let me know if I’ve missed anything in the minutes.


Effort in seeding program proposals shows up!

Ben thank you, we seem to be on the right track with the new sessions coming in, great job!

We’ve picked up on the Who’s really coming issue during the call. I don’t know which wiki you are referring to, the travel wiki is for those who want to report back to the community or need help organising their trip, it’s not our idea or who is really coming. That one is currently here, a bit austere but gets updated every day based on Natalia’s ticketing system and Makerfox. About 25-28 participants so far.

Of course there are people who might come but who haven’t done (enough) work to earn a ticket, we can’t really know if they’re coming unless they get in touch asking for tasks or simply letting us know. If you think we should ping them, let me know who those people are and will do…Example below

Quick note on hosting.

  1. All those staying in the unMon will be expected to adhere to the stricter routine of the unMon as set down by @Bembo_Davies and @katalin - this must be made clear to everyone. It’s not surrogate accommodation, it’s a core supporting pillar of the conference. This extent priority should be given to those who will take on key roles - i.e Master of the Kitchen, Master of the Bedrooms, etc.

  2. Can I ask that we at very least find out the cost of the large hostel room(s) at the monacelle, they can host around 20+ people and MT2019 should be able to secure a very decent rate.

Very helpful!

That’s the spirit of my favourite unAbbott! :slight_smile:

As for program architecture, don’t worry: I will take the lead in making the first stub in a matter of 24 hours.

The rest will be in the notes.

Okay Ben!

Hi all, I respond to the last two things that Ben highlighted. First one: I stayed the last ten days in Matera and I spent most of the time talking with people about #LOTE4 trying to convince them to participate and propose sessions. The task is more difficult than I thought, but I understand it because they live day by day and now the attention is on the 7th (commission visit) and 17th (decision about #ecoc). But I’ll back in Matera on friday 3th to continue the work and I’ll be on Pisticci for the 5th in a meeting about oil and I think that there will meet more interesting people that can be interested about lote4.

Second one: If we need to meet comitato in this days I can stay in hangout, I’m in touch with Natalia so we can organize it. But if we can meet them on 8th I think they can help more and I can stay physically there being more useful.

For all other questions, please write me, and if I don’t respond on platform, please send me an email with link here, lot’s of time I lose the thread of conversation here, it’s my limit I know, as my shit english… I hope you understand me. Hugs

Move the conversation to the call’s notes

Everybody, better to move this conversation over to notes from the community call. It was a good call and made plenty of headway. We came up with actionables for @katalin, @Noemi, @Bembo_Davies, @Kseniya, @NicoBis, @Dorotea and myself. 

re: session spaces

A detail that surfaced after yesterdays hangout:

re: the back house - we found last year that acoustics of the space make it difficult (read impossible) to run parallel sessions under one roof.  The solution was to move into the courtyard, but we were fortunate with the weather.  Upstairs the Comatato has a big meeting room that who be relaxing for 20 or so people ?