Plan your Lote4 travel and accommodation

The event takes place during 23rd - 26th, with the hackathon on 21-22. Check the tables below and let us know how you intend to come and what sort of help you need…

This is a wiki, so anyone logged in can edit and list useful information for the team. 



Travel route


Have you booked already? What do you need? Can others here help?


Cluj – Bari

Bari – Barcelona



20.10, departure 6:15 AM - arrival 15:30 in Bari

28.10, departure 11:00 AM Bari

Alberto, Nadia

Bruxelles (Charleroi) – Bari

Bari – Bruxelles (Charleroi)



19.10 07:20  Bruxelles (Charleroi) → 09:35 Bari (Flight FR8707 Ryanair, already booked)

28.10 09:55 Bari → 12:20 Bruxelles (Charleroi) (Flight FR8706 Ryanair, already booked)


Berlin – Stuttgart – Bari

Bari – Dusseldorf – Berlin



20.10. Berlin – Stuttgart – Bari (Germanwings)

27.10. Bus to Rome, then flight to Berlin


Dusseldorf Weeze - Bari

Bari - Frankfurt Hahn



20.10. 07:45-10:-5 Dusseldorf Weeze - Bari (flight FR8723, Ryanair), coming by from Gießen before

30.10. 21:10-23:20 Bari - Frankfurt Hahn (flight FR5215, Ryanair), then to Gießen

@ben London > Bari 

Bari > London



Not yet booked.
@mariabyck Newcastle-Bari 19.10 one way booked arrive in Bari at 22:30-- looking to share ride from airport if possible!
@Inga_Popovaite Kutaisi-Budapest-Bari-Naples-Budapest-Kutaisi




Arrival to Bari 10.23 9:20 PM (Wizz from Budapest) ==> how do I get to Matera at this time? Any buses/trains still running?

Leave from Naples 10.28 (Wizz to Budapest).

Vachagan Gratian Yerevan-Bari




Arrival in Bari: 6:20 pm

Departure from Bari: 8:00 am

Baptiste Labat Bruxelles (Charleroi) – Bari



19.10 07:20  Bruxelles (Charleroi) → 09:35 Bari (Flight FR8707 Ryanair, already booked)

26.10 13:44 Bari-Paris Beauvais (booked)


London- Bari


23.10- 27.10

23.10 Arrival Bari 14:30

27.10 Departure Bari 13:35


Athens - Bari

Bari - Athens



Arriving at 15:50 on October 22nd,

wondering how to get to Matera because bus

leaves at 15:45. I am sure that if I had driver’s number

I could ask him to wait 10 minutes.


London => Bari

Bari => London



Arrival - 14:30

Departure - 13:35


Istanbul => Bari

Bari => Istanbul




Berlin -> Rome (FCO) -> Bari




Arrival to Bari 20:55

I’m arriving to Matera on the 22nd October, landing in Bari about 21:00, 

flying via Rome (FCO) ( flight to Bari 19:55 - 20:55 )



Berlin – Muenchen – Bari

Bari – Muenchen – Berlin



23.10. Berlin – Muenchen – Bari (Lufthansa) arriving 10:55am

27.10. Bari- Muenchen - Berlin departing 11:50 am

I need to get to Bari before the first bus goes on the Monday morning. Does anyone have any ideas how I can do that? Happy to walk a bit / catch a lift / share a taxi / go in someone’s truck… All ideas welcome.



Your accommodation


Have you booked already? What do you need? Can others here help?

Arthur, Matthias, Nadia, Noemi, Alberto

Le Monacelle

check-in 20.10.

check-out 28.10.


Dan  hostel/airbnb/apartment rental in 20.10, out 27.10 B&B booked Looking for people to share a hostel room or apartment. The cheapest options seem to be for 4-6 people, so let's form ourselves into a group that size?
Patrick airbnb in 23/10, out 26/10 (3 nights) Am planning to book L'Albero di Eliana (the nest) on airbnb. It has a spare (double bed) - does anyone want to join me and contribute to the cost (it is £148 in total for the three nights). 


@Inga_Popovaite Looking for Couchsurfing options/super budget hostel 5 nights (?) Looking for hosts, or a shared cheap place.
Vachagan Gratian None yet 5 nights (22-27 Oct) Hostel booked
@emkay None yet

6 nights

in on 21st

out on 27th

Booked in at hostel near UnMonastery by Natalia [thank you!]


Conveniently priced local B&Bs, hotels. Do you know or can you recommend any? Please add them below!

  • There are several OK places on AirBnB. e.g. this one would take 6 of us for 131 EUR / night.
  • The wonderful Antonella from Le Monacelle (here on TripAdvisor) has given us a good rate. We are paying 53 EUR a night for a single room, 72 EUR for a double. Breakfast and wi-fi are included. I (Alberto) have been there many times and heartily recommend it. You have to pay a local tax of 1 EUR per night on the first 2 nights on top of that (stupid Italian law, nothing Antonella can do about it).
  • B & B Al Convento: single, double rooms and 5 person apartment to choose from (recommended by Noemi - stayed there last year, but don't know this year's rates) (Enzo speaks English)
  • There is a local host who charges  very discounted amount and he has 4 places to offer you. Contact to ask for details
  • Three friends of unMonastery and have offered their b'nb's to Edgeryders for 15 Euro a night. 1) Please contact Felice at 2) Message Andrea on Facebook. 3) Message Francesco on Facebook. Any problems get in touch with @Lauren

Lote4 contacts (organisers, community.. anyone)

Noemi +40 755038718

Natalia +39 331 503 58 00

Bari Aeroporto - Matera

3 buses per day: (also see prt scr below)

Taxi numbers

Taxi Matera:

(+39) 328 5854231

(+39) 347 6468250

Francesco (+39) 360 933232

travel expenses

what if i cannot the travel expenses will there be any sponsor. Thank you

Welcome to Edgeryders

Hi @yinksy, nice to meet you!

Fundraising for the event is already happening, but we can’t make any promises. If travel grants come in, based on our past experiences these will be awarded to the participants who get involved the most in helping shape the event and collaborating on tasks, which is also the way to get yourself a ticket.

I suggest getting started by introducing yourself to the community and telling others why you want to join in the Matera event, what you are up for contributing with. I figure the more you socialize with others here, the better the chances to find a way to lower or split costs- for example by letting us know where you are based?

Thank you @noemi

how can i help in shaping events and collaborating on tasks.

I am Ndaman Joshua olayinka, am a student currently in my 3rd year studying mechanical engineering and i live in Nigeria. I would love to join the matera event because am a guy that likes to socialize with people from all around the world, to learn about their culture and to make it part of me. I will also make the team of the event come to reality with me participating in every way i can. Thank you


Apparently Edgeryders from Georgia, Armenia, Egypt, among other countries, will need a visa to enter Italy and join us at Lote4. Can anyone who’s Italian around here advise whether this is a simple procedure and all they need is a passport, or better to carry invitation letters with them (in Italian I presume?). Should we start drafting these and have them signed by Comitato Matera or is this too much of a hassle? ping @Alberto

Thanks @amiridina for bringing this up, give me a couple of days to learn about this.

Leave MT2019 out

Too much of a hassle, definitely. We can and should offer invitation letters signed by Edgeryders; actually @Natalia Skoczylas has already written one for @ElaMi5, as far as I know.

Italy is a Schengen country. A Schengen visa can be obtained from the Italian diplomatic representations in any country. The procedure for obtaining a visa is here (in English). A letter from Edgeryders might cover item 1 of the documentation. Item 4 means you have to book your accommodation before you apply for a visa.

Does that help?

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An invitation letter might facilitate our mission


We need to start the process early because in take weeks in my case, unfortunately.

@Noemi Thank you for the prompt action.

if you want, I will send you the letter as I drafted and used it already - or simply send me the necessary info and I will craft a new version for you.

Invitation letter

@Natalia Skoczylas Hi Natalia, I need an invitation letter. I am coming from Egypt. Do you want me to send you any information?

Thank you.

signing invitation letter

I’m available in signing your invitation letter as well as the ones for anyone who needs visa. I live in Naples, no so far from Matera, and in the invitation letter I could give my personal address in order to satisfy the accommodation arrangement item.


yes, please send an email to me and I will get you one asap;)

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plan to reach Matera via Naples?

to reach Matera it could be even possible to look for low costs flight to Naples (and then to catch a bus to Matera or a shared car we could arrange together). and if someone needs or just wants to spend a night in Naples on his/her journey to Matera, I would have no problem in arranging a totally free accommodation.

Can you recommend a bus?

I will (very probably) be in Naples after the conference, 28th to 30th of October. Would that also count? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have a recommendation for a bus? I tried myself, and found at least offers, which is 20 EUR for Naples / Matera and Naples / Bari (or 13 EUR for the evening tours, mostly).

How to use the money of the maker fox to book a ticket

Thank you @Natalia Skoczylas @riolo I will get well informed and return back to you as soon as possible. I had another question regarding the ticket. How do I use the maker fox to buy it?

bought my ticket!

Yaay, I’ll be in Matera on the 20th in the afternoon!


Bought my tickets too :slight_smile: So it seems the Edgeryders crew is booking separately … means @ArthurD does not have to care for our two tickets at least, instead of organizing a collective booking for us all.

We too!

Nadia and I also bought tickets!

@riolo, I have an invitation

@Riolo, I have an invitation letter to sign - woudl you be still up to do it for me? let me know;)

invitation letter

@Natalia Skoczylas of course, whenever you want. just give me instructions and I will do everything.

@riolo, please send me an email at  and I will forward it to you;)