Community summary and posts for outreach from 30 May -

Hi @anon82932460: here are main stories from Wellbeing in Europe at the moment, I list them below and also added them in the spreadsheet according to routines set by @Nadia asking us all to input what’s new from our end. In the spreadsheet there’s links to images/quotes I made for some stories. Feel free to use them + schedule posts as you please.

  1. Community Best Of summary in EN: please promote the summary and the individual stories listed there?
  1. Call for local connectors in EN: looking for people in Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia (in EN) - let me know if we;d need to optimize content on that page, it might be too long a text.
    The message here, especially if you promote it on ER channels, could be: know someone in these countries who would be a good local community mobilizer? let us know.
    We are looking for recommendations.
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@anon82932460 it turns out, like you pointed out in another thread, that mobbing could indeed be a hot topic in Poland (unfortunately quite strong an issue as you can see from the story above),

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ping @inge

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