Consortium meeting in Stockholm (including travel information)

The meeting is held June 21-22 at Stockholm School of Economics

Schedule (preliminary)

June 21

1000-1200 Getting familiar with EMDesk (Luce)

1300-1500 First session (KAW Steering Committee goes here) – steering committee agenda available here

1500-1515 Coffee (outside KAW)

1515-1700 Second session (KAW) – optional external participation

1900-2200 Dinner, hosted by EHFF/Stockholm School of Economics (Ohlin room)

June 22

0900-1130 What makes the OpenCare stories stories of open care? inkl coffee break (KAW)

The goal is to achieve in-consortium convergence of what “open care” means, especially the “open” part. We will do this starting from the stories of care being shared. Everyone will be asked to play a part. Led by @Ezio_Manzini.

1130 Closing of meeting

Additional activities

Two extra half-days are allocated for additional activities:

  • June 22nd, 1200-1830 (including lunch break)
  • June 23rd, 0900-1300 (room Gunnar at Holländargatan 32)

Activity: designing the interface for our Semantic Social Network Analysis software

Understanding the SSNA methodology, and translating it into feature requestes and interface mockups - care of @melancon and @Alberto

[Add your own activity]

organize a session aimed at social scientists and ethnographers. Goals: . 


The meeting is held in room KAW at Stockholm School of Economics

Dinner is held at Stockholm School of Economics.

OpenCare dinner

There is a dinner open for presenters and participants of the meeting. The dinner is held in the Ohlin room at Stockholm School of Economics at 7 pm. Registration for the dinner is mandatory. Attendance should be confirmed with before June 15..


Stockholm School of Economics is located within 50 meters from the Rådmansgatan Metro station and is also within walking distance from the City Centre There are frequent bus and train service from Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) to the City Centre.


There is no designated OpenCare hotel but we recommend either Hotel Birger Jarl  or Hotel Hellsten

Both hotels are within short walking distance from Stockholm School of Economics.

Post meeting activities

The meeting is held the midsummer week. Midsummer (June 24) is THE Swedish traditional holiday.

Invite Fellows over?

@Lakomaa I understand you want to offer fellowships for case studies research.

If you want to find suitable candidates via the online conversation and invite them to Stockholm for a preliminary meeting (or not) this would be the time to go public with an open call.

You can include a 1 paragraph explanation here - for example that you are looking for 1 Fellow and will be looking into submissions by May 20th to shortlist candidates.

Op3nCare is in all communication materials including finalised video. Original video files including all animations are all in the same  videos folder in google drive:

why r you posting about communication materials in this thread?

the correct thread since the beginning of the project  for communication materials is this:

and in that thread you  pointed us to another directory on drive for graphic and communication materials

thanks if you can making it clearer!



Wrong tab

thanks for heads up had both this and the one with documentation from today’s call both open simultaneously. Will strive over and repost there.

A day’s work on the network dashboard

@Lakomaa, Guy @melancon and I have decided to take advantage of the meeting in Stockholm to schedule a day’s work on designing the software (WP5). It would be:

  • the UBx group (Guy + another researcher, don't know about Luce)
  • at least myself and @Noemi from EDGE. Hopefully our ethnographer too. 
  • whoever is interested from the consortium

Two questions for you:

  • can you commandeer a room for us to work in? Ideally we would start where your program ends, at 11.30 on June 22, and work at least all of that day. 
  • do you know of any sociologist/ethnographer/anthropologist in Sweden who would be interested in spending a day with us looking at semantic social network analysis for social science research? We need the point of view of the users of the software we will produce.

I’ll join you

@Alberto: I’ll be there too :slight_smile:


We have the conference facilities all day both conference days. For smaller rooms just tell me and I’ll fix some for you.


I do not know any but I’ll look around.

There is btw another research group at SSE doing resarch on “collaborative health care” that have some menbers that we can share insights with. I’m discussing their participation in the open session.

How is this going?

Any news on this, @Lakomaa?

BTW: we normally work with an ethnographer who is Lithuanian, but is now spending some time in the US. It would be too expensive to fly her to Stockholm for this session. We have to find another solution. Ping also @melancon.

Need to amend the meeting schedule

We need to indicate when Ezio’s workshop is taking place. I understood it would be on June 22 afternoon.

Social network dashboard session (ALberto & Guy) We need to add that session too (two half days?)

I suggest Luce helds a “Get your hands dirty with EMDesk” with those persons who will indeed manoeuver all financial information that needs to be aggregated for the review. Some of them will be on site, some can join remote. Assuming most of us will be there on June 20 (arriving in the evening, this is the case for the UBx team), this could take place June 21, 10am - noon.


Next step: make a proper event that goes on the OpenCare calendar.

EMDesk session

@LuceChiodelliUB you need to insert the Tuesday morning session on amdin stuff (EMDesk). I noticed @Costantino was up for it.

EMDesk session scheduled

@melancon: it’s now scheduled on the EMDesk calendar - every partner registered should have received a notification.

EMDesk account


can you invite, please, Franca to the EMDesk?

Done !

It’s done, Franca should receive an invitation to her e-mail address. If it doesn’t work, let me know :slight_smile:

Will Franca be helping you with the admin/finances for Comune di Milano ?

the wiki is true

The meeting is held June 21-22 at Stockholm School of Economics - See more at:

June 21 till June 23-24 is more accurate

It would be a pity that some of us come in on June 21st and escape the next day on June 22nd. You are all invited to participate in the brainstorm session on the SSNA dashboard (held by UBx and ER on JUne 23rd).

UBx will most certainly want to have a “formal” steering committee on June 22nd (afternoon). More on this soon (end of this week or neginning of next week).

No problem for me

I will arrive on 19th and stay on even after the meeting.

Booking already made

For me and Zoe