Conversation Overview 17th April 2020: Technology (in) relationships, virtual dreams and reinvigorated communitarian roots during a (surveillance) pandemic

Hello here and overview of some of our ongoing conversations now as of mid-April 2020 one month into the Corona Crisis distancing/lockdown measure in most countries.

There are many very interesting threads and conversations going on on the platform right now and we want to stress again that everything we develop here together will not be forgotten but inform comprehensive research reports and future crisis responses.

We are also very happy to have reconnected to many “old friends” who’s previous projects and current work is very relevant to the current situation!

One of our main goals is to help to coordinate and realise initiatives and to enable people to not only have a job but “do the good work” and sustain themselves during this pandemic.

Therefore we are now launching our Edgeryders hiring directory. Learn more and join here:

We also discuss the economical and emotional effects of “work in times of corona” here:

And provide weekly calls to coordinate and connect people and projects, for example, every Monday 17:00 CEST or where people can join to discuss how they are coping with the loss of work on Tuesdays 12:00 pm CEST. See more about theses and more calls and event planned in this overview:

We also do topical prepared webinars and courses with experts which are also announced in the overview above. Check out the immensely interesting analysis on the community “listening” post about the “Surveillance Pandemic” call with more the 35 experts, journalists and community members here:

We are working on developing a course for educators, parents and children to learn to us VR together with analogue drawing to be creative and express their ideas (probably by mid-May) here:

And finally, currently, it is also very valuable to look back to learn about what is happening now and what could come. This is done beautifully in this post about the reemergence of the communitarian roots of the internet during the current crisis by early internet pioneers Howard Rheingold and power own @johncoate:

Have fun checking out some of theses posts and many more.
Thank you to everyone contributing to these and the other ongoing discussions on the platform, raising initiatives, sharing ideas and opportunities as well as stories and feelings and generally trying to help each other through this crisis!

You are a great community!


I am particularly happy about this, in these times having meaningful conversations with people you know and can trust is heartwarming.

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link to the call here:

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