Now Hiring: Communication and Design Team!

Edgeryders is recruiting a multilingual team of freelance copywriters, designers and social media managers.

We will run a number of communication campaigns with the objective of reaching audiences in different locations (read: different languages).

So we are putting together a team of freelancers who will work together to:

  1. define the right audiences and find good ways to reach them
  2. produce appropriate communication materials (text + visuals)
  3. get the content out through “broadcast” via our social media channels and mailing list
  4. do consistent one-to-one personal outreach to people already in our networks for whom the activity or content is relevant (edgeryders platform, our mailing list as well as on the main social media platforms (especially linkedin and twitter)
  5. Respond to questions from people who demonstrate interest and further engage/help them engage with the conversation, come to an event or respond to a call to action.

How to apply:

Join the directory by filling in this form:

This allows us to process your profile and get in touch for this role. If you are not recruited now, being in the directory enables us to reach you the next time around. Your profile might also be suitable for other openings like community manager or community journalist. To give you an idea, Edgeryders advertises about 1-2 roles every other month, depending on our project cycles.

Added benefits:

  • Be notified of all relevant opportunities
  • No need to send us applications each time
  • Easy for others to find you & send gigs your way

About the Campaigns

  • Most of the materials posted are done so within the context of longer campaigns around a theme, others are “random” materials posted/to promote.
  • For the longer campaign the communication team is to produce a together a narrative framing, editorial policy and visual profile that can be used by others. For example when we produce campaign websites such as or .
  • From time to time, the copywriters and graphic designers will also be tasked with condensing materials to support our fundraising work

Key themes and topics

  • Work & Shared Prosperity
    • OCI Lab
  • Technology for during and after the pandemic
  • Science Fiction Economics
  • Community Powered Care - Citizen Powered Resilience
  • Deep Green Transition & Tech
  • Mutual aid between individuals + organisations + projects + movements (swarm collaboration) :
    • OCI Lab Special Edition
    • Kindness & Solidarity
    • Social & Mental Health
  • Taking notes from the present, Learning for the future
  • Migration

Intended audiences for the campaigns

In order for us to reach the impact we would like the campaigns to reach and engage a critical mass of people. While we want to keep the process and all activities open for anyone anywhere, we would to place special communication efforts to reach individuals working within organisations that can become key allies to support community members’ work in Poland, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, Serbia, Czech Republic, Portugal and Tunisia.

  • Mid and senior level staff within public sector, private sector and philanthropy organisations for whom the theme of a campaign is relevant
  • Owners or leaders of co-working spaces
  • Individuals active in/heading student bodies or associations at leading universities.
  • Heads of departments at leading universities
  • People between the ages of 18-35 working in the technology sector
  • Editors of more mainstream publications that can help draw more interest, legitimacy and support to participants work (e.g finance and economy, technology and innovation, )

What are our milestones

  1. Finalise concept note describing the activities to get the first partners on board.
  2. Collect the first case stories featuring the people who’s work we really want to support, and what they need.
  3. Build the rest of the communication materials and get them out there

How we work

  • community managers compile a list of content, upcoming activities and calls to action that we wish to deliver to the intended audiences to engage them to respond: Weekly Update: Please update this list of content to promote for the coming week
  • The copywriters a then review the content on that list, and produce the text for communication materials for the next week’s communication activities based on it (editorial pieces, newsletter, text for flyers and status updates for different channels).
  • The graphic designers/illustrators then produce the visual materials based on the copywriting
  • The social media managers then publish the communication contents on the right channels, and follow up with one on one out reach to those who demonstrate interest.
  • The social media managers also work actively to find ways ensure the right audiences are reached by the communication content (e.g find and post in relevant groups/pages, reach out to people based on keyword searches etc).