Conversation Overview 3rd of September 2020: Working Together - Coworking

Hello dear community,

Let’s check-in what has been discussed in these last last-two weeks of summer. Working together has been very important.

A year ago @jollyorg called out “social media is broken, let’s do better” and a very interesting conversation with by now more than 70 thoughtful responses started. Recently the conversation has gathered new steam. If you are interested in social media at different scales and how to do it better, check it out:

@CSS and Suzanne van Geuns have worked together to publish an op-ed for the Brookings Institute, looking at how Internet infrastructure companies engage in content moderation and why their role should be more visible and accountable. You can find the article linked here and comment with your own thoughts and questions.

And we all worked together with the participants of the coworking event, programmes and people doing transcription and our great copywriter to filter and present to you the best quotes and ideas form the co-working workshop with 50 members from all over the world from coworking owners over technology providers to network builders.

Here are 4 picks that I think might be especially interesting for you here in NGI:

Thank you for being a great community!

Let’s work together to keep warm, happy and busy in autumn.


ping @marina,@Markus_D, @LauraRoddy