Coordination Group

Hello @reef-coordination!

Two new things:

  1. We now have a grouping (“reef-coordination”) that brings together all Team Leaders (which is the definition of the Coordination Group). Who are they? You can find it in the file on the Teams set-up (internal link).
  2. Let’s use one thread (this one) for all the Coordination Group correspondence?

Update: I updated the minutes. You can find them in the folder of the Coordination Group (internal link).

Action points:

  • Grateful if you could have a look at the minutes before your next Team meeting and brief back the key points.
  • Happy to set up bilaterals with everybody, but to me it seems the most urgent for Team Finance + Legal, Team Inclusion and Team Governance + Working Methods. Can you please have a look at the to do list (internal link) and the first draft of the “checklist to purchase a site” (internal link) and then contact me on Signal to find a good time for a quick meeting?

You’re talking about the one on one with you and the team leaders?

Hi! I’m sorry, I’m afraid I’ve been added to this group by mistake…

@Celine_D problem solved now.


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Ping @ugne @Sarah @Sophie_Beese: just checking in to see whether you have the action points on your radar?

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Not really!
When would you want to do the bilaterals? Wondering whether it should be after our next team meeting?
In any case maybe we could do it on the 18th?

I would prefer to really make it a bilateral, i.e. a one-on-one call on Signal, taking our time to go through everything. It can be any time that suits you, but given that we are now targeting the 26th of March to get ready, the sooner is probably the better?

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Hello @reef-coordination,

I would like to propose a couple of dates for the next Coordination Group meetings. Should you not be able to make it, can you please ask a team member to replace you?

Proposed dates:

  • 12/01 8 pm
  • 13/02 8 pm
  • 13/03 8 pm

Would that work?

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Hello @reef-coordination,

Just a quick reminder about about tomorrow’s meeting. If you can’t make it, can you please ask somebody else to attend the meeting for your team?

Here’s the link to the draft agenda:

Any additional topics are of course warmly welcome!

@Lee - I think there might be another glitch with notifications, because neither Sarah or I received a one regarding these last two messages. And we haven’t been as regularly connected to Edgeryders over the last week due to being away and dealing with a few other things. We only became aware of it now by accident when synching the calendar. Perhaps we’re not the only ones, as there doesn’t seem to have been much of a response to the proposed dates.

Unfortunately we’re not available tomorrow. If you’re already aware that everybody else is available, I will ask Thomas or Ralf to represent Team Facilitation, and perhaps you or Sophie could represent Team Governance. There’s not much to say for Team Conflict Management, but I could write something on this thread to let everyone know where we are at currently.

Alternatively, we are available next Tuesday evening. If you do decide to move the meeting, perhaps @ everyone individually, in case there is an ongoing notification problem (although I’ve received notifications about other threads)…

I’m actually not available on Tuesday, not before 8.30pm which is a bit late…
Could we do another doodle? Maybe with a bit more notice?
I feel like we get a much more fruitful meeting when we are enough to have the discussion flowing :slight_smile:

OK, then let’s cancel tonight’s meeting. I’ll look for another date tonight when I get home. The good news is the late the agenda for the next plenary sort of filled up itself, so it’s not a big problem to have the meeting a bit later in time.

@alberto could you please have a look at what’s going on with the reef-coordination grouping? From the formatting and the lack of notifications it doesn’t seem to behave like the other groupings? If I’m not wrong it also no longer appears in the list of groupings.


@ugne, @Sophie_Beese, @Sarah, @ChrisM, @alberto and @manuelpueyo,

I’m sorry about the chaos around the planning of the meeting! There seems to be something wrong with the group tag, which made communication a bit difficult. @alberto, can you please have a look at this?

For the next meeting: would you be available on Monday 30 January at 8 pm, and if not, could you find a team member who could replace you? I’m posting a poll below so you can confirm.

  • Yes, I’ll be there myself
  • Yes, I’ll send a team mate
  • Nope, our team is gonna sit this one out

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Fixed. The problem was in the “Interaction” settings of the group. The option “Who can tag this group?” was set to “nobody”, which is too restrictive.


Hi @reef-coordination
Not sure this is the right place to write this, but i look forward to our meeting tonight, but will be able to attend it for 1hours max only, so if need be, i can start sharing first when we do a round of updates. Manuel got stuck in Estonia so not sure he will make it tonight, but hopefully yes.


I posted the minutes.
I realized going through them again that we didn’t talk about the last point (preparing for reefling day)… :expressionless: not sure what we do with that…


Hello @reef-coordination,

Can I please have your advise on what to do with the next plenary meeting?

I see the following topics that we could schedule, but which may not be interesting enough to convey so many people for:

  • The Reef’s building budget: clarification by Alberto
  • Transparency about financial data: clarification by Alberto
  • Next recruitment round: decision to be made based on a proposal from Team Recruitment and Onboarding

Then from what I can see Teams may not have enough time to finish the following topics:

  • Choice of the notary: @alberto can you confirm?
  • Organigram: @ChrisM and @Sarah, in the absence of a meeting of Team Conflict Management, am I correct in assuming this would benefit from a bit more time?

So based on this I see two options:

  • Cancel the plenary meeting
  • Organise one online but shorten the duration

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The advantage of the second option is that it shortens the list of topics for the 22nd of February (currently 11, so priorities will have to be set).

Happy to get your input in words or through a vote!

Also: welcome on board to @JolanWuyts!


Actually, still aiming to have this proposal ready for the plenary next Wednesday. It should be written this weekend, leading to an Edgeryders post with a link to it on Sunday evening. It’ll be addressed to all Reeflings, but we’ll ping individual members of Team Governance and Team Conflict Management to make sure they’re aware of it. I don’t think it’s a particularly controversial proposal, so not expecting too many edits or critiques (he said optimistically:). Anyone attending the plenary will be expected to have read it, so we should be good for a discussion and potential consent round. @Lee - will you have the second aspect of the organigram review ready to be part of the same discussion?

Personally, I’m in favour of a shorter online meeting next week. Addressing all these less pressing issues now will mean that we have more valuable time in March to address the significant issues that are likely to be raised…



@ChrisM: on it. I just published a little post. Will check in on Sunday evening.

@ all: Team Finance seems to be ready with quite some proposals (enough for a full plenary meeting), so it is probably better to meet in person.

Hey, not sure where to put this info, but seems most relevant to the team coordinators, hence dropping it here: I really enjoyed proof-reading Chris’ and Sarah’s proposal for this week’s plenary and some people approached me telling me I also did a good job. So, I’m volunteering for any proof reading that needs to be done on future proposals. If your team’s ever in need of an extra set of eyes on a proposal: I’m your man/woman/whatever :raising_hand_man:t2: