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Hello all!

This is the wiki where I’m preparing rooms for everyone to have there session. If you haven’t been to BRUSSELS ART FACTORY before it won’t make a lot of sense, but it will once we take over the premises.

DAY 1: LOTE KICK-OFF: we will be in the MerabRoom for dinner and in the KitchenA for dinner-making. MerabRoom is the room with art from an artist named Merab. KitchenA is the kitchen closest to MerabRoom. FUCKUPNIGHT will also be in MerabRoom and the bar to get drinks will be in the garage, which happens to also be the entrance so there is no way you will miss it.

DAY 2: COFFEE will be downstairs by the coffee machines. Starts with an opening note by John Coate in the PlenarySpace. This is the space above MerabRoom. After that, all OpenCare sessions will be in Hackistan, which is code language ( :slight_smile: ) for the attick. All sessions under finance/culture will be in AddOn, the room that’s next to PlenarySpace. All sessions under development will be in BrightAndShiny, the room that’s a bit more difficult to find but has excellent large windows. Lunch will be in Merabroom. MerabRoom and PlenarySpace are open all day for people to chill out or have impromptu sessions. SOIREEMOLENBEEK is our evening activity. It will, no surprise here, be in Molenbeek, in an artcoworkingspace called LAVALLEE. We will have Levantstyledinner and then go explore this lovely confusing spot on earth filled with poverty, creativity and some jihadi-loving imams.

DAY 3: Much the same as day 2 for room attribution. With the exeption that for democracy/finance/culture we will probably use MerabRoom or PlenarySpace to be able to accomodate everyone and we will extend to KitchenB to keep up with lunchmaking.https://edgeryders.eu/en/lote5/program BURNYOURFUCKUPS is our evening activity in Elzenhof, which start with a tasty disco soup and then proceed to the Belgian winter tradition of having beers around bonfires - we’ll make sure everyone has pen and paper to write down their past #fails and throw them into the bonfire to unfail them once and for all.

DAY 4: UNCONFERENCE: we start in PlenarySpace at 10 to pitch ideas and choose where we go. We have loads and loads of coffee, probably. De-Hangover-Packages in the shape of tab water will be at hand. We have until 18h before we will gently be asked to evacuate the building and leave it to the working people on Monday.

IMPORTANT NOTE: there are not that many chairs around, so we’ll be moving them about quite a lot. Take yours with you where you go, put it in the elevator if you prefer, sit on the tables as much as you like.

COME TO ME: I’m looking for 2-3 people to join the Illtellyouwheretogo-coordination-team to help everyone find their Living On The Edge way. We can choose our ostentiaous outfits ourselves. Preferably people that are already in town on the 25th so we can debrief and make signs and stuffs.



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Ok. Structuring for my brain:

@KiraVde thank you! starting now we’re pretty much fully scheduled for 3 rooms at all times. This means new sessions will take place in Merab/Plenary. Thank you!

From what I get we will be disposing of:

  1. MerabRoom & PlenarySpace as larger rooms (multipurpose)

  2. Hackistan (Open Care)

  3. AddOn (Finance/ Culture/ Democracy)

  4. BrightAndShiny (Development)

You got it right

Like, totally right.

Move your chair

I think it will be too messy especially if people will start to do it by the stairs (they are too tight). A solution could be to find a space in every room  where people can pile their chair underneath a sign for the room of their next session: WHERE NEXT? Bright&Shiny, Hackistan, Merab, Addon, etc. So someone can be responsible for moving them with some volunteers to the rooms by elevator. I’m asking Lieza and Pierre what they think.