Crafting the narrative for our citizen science proposal to H2020 aka CCCP - SSSR

Among other applications to Horizon2020, we are leading the conceptual framework of an application to SwafS-15-2018: Exploring and supporting citizen science.

We have a concept note and drafted an an initial consortium partnership mix, with our friends at The Lisbon Council as coordinator.

The next step is to dive into the project’s framework and narrative in order to compose the work packages. The current mix of partners is preliminary and we won’t be able to include the complete list. We intend to finalise the consortium in the first week of March to prepare for application writing. The deadline is 10 April.

In particular, we thought @cindys and @rachel could be interested and certainly of great benefit to imagining the format of the project required for this step. @winnieponcelet, your input has been super valuable but we are respectful of your workload so won’t directly reach out to you any further but please at any time feel free to opt-in.

I need to finalise the work packages within the week. I propose a group call as option a, and sharing thoughts here or as comments/ contributions to the concept note as option b.

Proposed time for the call is Wednesday anytime or Thursday between 17h and 19h CET.

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Super excited after reading the note :slight_smile: nice work. It’s taking the ideas that have been floating around to the next level.

I’ll try to be at the call to consider ways we can be involved. I see one concrete link that might be very interesting: the biofab forum. This type of project is exactly why we decided to go with an Edgeryders hosted platform.


I second Winnie; excited about the possibilities.
Apologies for narrowing the options. A call Weds would work best with looming my deadlines; would 10:00CET work? Alternatively Weds 19:00 CET?

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Great. Let’s do 10h tomorrow (Wednesday) @cindys @winnieponcelet on hangouts. Looking forward :mushroom:

Perfect - speak then!

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Aww shoot, I can’t make it tomorrow at 10h. Blocked in a physical meeting with people coming from abroad, so no way to free myself. I can do 19:00 CET on Wed (tomorrow) if that’s still on the table.

If not, can you take notes? Or if you know another way for me to stay in the discussion.

Oh no I want you there if you want to be there @winnieponcelet so then yes if @cindys you can still do 19h CET let’s do that. Possible?

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News just in Winnie can’t make the evening anymore anyway so @cindys let’s stick with 10h CET.

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I’ve just reached out via Skype

How’d it go @anique.yael ?

Hey @winnieponcelet :slight_smile: So as with all other H2020 applications, much of the work needs to happen off the platform (restrained to confidentiality in planning, committed to openness in implementation). We’re now crafting WPs and finalizing the consortium. Application writing will move forward swiftly through excellence, impact and implementation before submitting 10 April. If you want to follow closely let me know and I’ll include you documents, emails etc.

A lot of the credit goes actually to you, @winnieponcelet. You contributed the main intuition of community as a fundamental social infrastructure for citizen science. This is (a) new and (b) plays into our strengths. I do hope you and the biofabbing crowd will find the time to participate… if we win. But we have some chances, I think.


Well said. FYI @winnieponcelet and I have been in dialogue offline about their involvement and it is being written into the WPs.

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ack, just saw this! I could talk on Thursday evening… Will read your concept note now!

is this a shadow area of the edgeryders, that I landed in? just tried to not make waves as JasperB asked if it might be a joke to go for a consortium project…
still keen! (sorry I came in late, and hope you saw what little I wrote in the doc! could do more!!)

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@rachel hi and thanks for checking in here :mushroom: So I’m not sure I understand shadow project/ Jasper but with our H2020 project applications we’re not in a position to do the planning as out loud here as with others. Of course once they do land (notice my optimism :blush:) they are as open as ever. I shared a top level mapping in the research network workspace here that gives you an idea in any case (a little outdated but I’ll do an update ASAP, just juggling loads).

With this Swafs-15 we’re still finalising the consortium and it doesn’t look like there’s a place for Hacquerium or AGiR as partners. That being said there will certainly be various possibilities for your networks to be involved and indeed we’re enthusiastic as to your contribution!!

Leave it with us for now and I’ll keep you updated.