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The Weekly Community Calls are Back!

Couldn’t make it to the Weekly Community Call earlier today? No problem: the notes are already online here.

Activities you can get involved in

1. A Moneyless Euro proposal for Greek finances came in from the Makerfox. We propose to implement this clearing system with network bartering: goods and services are offered in Euro-denominated value on a web-based marketplace. You can join the already heated debate here.

2. Learn how to build revenue stream to support your activities: As an incredibly diverse community, the range of experience and knowledge about building economically sustainabile projects amongst members ranges from “where do I even begin” to “I just sold my 3rd company”. So we are collaboratively setting up a course! Read more about it here.

3. Retirement might not be on our minds just yet, but consider this: " But you are now 96 years old and your robotic care assistant accidentally sucked up your dentures into the #opensource vacuum cleaner because the IoT fridge and stove were chatting away and inadvertently knocked the robot offline". Read Jeff’s piece here.

Suggested weekend reading

The Edgeryders LbG company is two years old and dedicated at stewarding the community by being transparent with meaningful work, travel, project opportunities. We are all learning how to steward our relationships and projects, so we are trying something new this year: the community is invited to self-organise and put forward two names for non-executive directors, preferably by consensus.

Money, society and gaps – an introvert’s view.“There are a few other things that strike me about this situation of having to get together with people. One is rather tangential and follows a fascinating discussion I recently had with artist Giles Lane about a trip he made to Papua New Ginuea to work on story collection with locals there.” Read Kat’s reflections here.

The Stewardship: What are we learning about engaging networks from the work of building LOTE4 and the aftermath? Noemi has summarised our insights so far here and we are translating the first report into a shared deck of slides here (we’d prefer an open source alternative to google, so if you can set one up please do and add the link below to replace this one).

Las Indias’s piece on communities making the sale raises deep questions about the private logic: our “conscience” and the “private logic” will join forces to tell us “we are not good at it”, and that this “it” – selling – is very close to deceiving. But this is false.

James suggests that timebanks and other attempts at building economic resilience of local communities do not work unless they are backed by ownership of physical assets. Do you agree? Discussion the comment section here.

Your news and calls for collaboration

If you have news about your work you would like to share, add them in the Community News Calendar here. We will include them in a next newsletter.


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