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16 April   Community call, 11:00 CEST.

Central topic, as follow-up of last week’s community call: ownership of co-created projects.

20 April (whole week)

[ongoing call] Edgeryders LbG our small company welcomes 2 community members to take on directorship roles: https://edgeryders.eu/en/blog/stewarding-ourselves-2-non-executive-directors-wanted-for

Makers and hackers are a global phenomenon, which is why we’re going to Nepal and get closer to change! https://edgeryders.eu/en/future-makers-nepal/edgeryders-is-heading-to-nepal

If you missed it, here’s the latest #goodreads on Edgeryders: https://edgeryders.eu/en/blog/community-newsletter-16-04-2015-see-you-tomorrow-at-1100-cest-on

Catching up with Edgeryders over coffee: next #communitycall Thursday 11 AM: https://edgeryders.eu/en/agora/weekly-community-call-every-thursday-at-1100-cest

Kathmandu here we come! Natalia and Matthias open up their plan to hook up with hackers& makers in #Nepal: https://edgeryders.eu/en/future-makers-nepal/preparing-for-the-big-thing

A cave with a view: visceral history of Matera, with mentions of Matera2019 and unMonastery! http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/04/27/a-cave-with-a-view

27 April - 2nd May (whole week)

Upcoming #Lote5 event starts from scratch. Now Natalia coordinated #Lote4 and why you can take this opportunity to join Edgeryders daily operations: https://edgeryders.eu/en/lote4/lessons-from-lote4-and-call-for-the-next-team

7 -14 May

Nepal, Belarus, Armenia, Morocco, the Ukraine…Want to get to know about what Edgeryders are up to? Add us to your skype contact list & join the call thursday at 11:00 CEST

Edgeryders are going to Romania: building a community of radical future builders. First stop, Bucharest 2021, join in! goo.gl/C8FbJz

Future Makers Nepal just hired three wonderful women to help with the project on the ground. Meet them here: https://edgeryders.eu/en/future-makers-nepal/we-have-a-team

What did we talk about during the community call last week and what’ll we explore this Thursday at 11:00 CEST? https://edgeryders.eu/en/agora/weekly-community-call-thursday-at-1100-cest-on-skype-0

Edgeryders working with candidate cities to European Capital of Culture. We’re building an Int’l Cultural Team, who’s in? goo.gl/C8FbJz

Grassroots relief efforts in Nepal. Inspiring new community members and projects in Armenia, Georgia, Morroco, Ukraine etc. https://edgeryders.eu/en/agora/weekly-community-call-thursday-at-1100-cest-on-skype-0

Spot the Future goes to #Bucharest: who should we meet working for social change and an inspiration? #help goo.gl/C8FbJz

21-27 May

Share your inspiring stories on grass roots initiatives in Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Morocco, Nepal and Ukraine! https://edgeryders.eu/en/youth-volunteering-coordination-space/case-study-adventures-armenia

How can we organize help for Nepal earthquake victims? Share your thoughts: https://edgeryders.eu/en/future-makers-nepal/how-to-organise-help-in-nepal-questions-after

Volunteer to help Nepal earthquake victims: https://edgeryders.eu/en/future-makers-nepal/help-needed-at-ti-guan-upalloti-gaun

Bucharest’s Sport the Future community is growing! Read more about them: https://edgeryders.eu/en/spot-the-future-bucharest

Ida came back to Bucharest after 7 years Germany, read why she wants to support her community: https://edgeryders.eu/en/spot-the-future-bucharest/home-is-where-your-story-makes-sense

28 May - 3 June

Come meet @Edgeryders in Cairo next week (June 4): https://www.facebook.com/events/297319493725097/ The bigger picture: https://edgeryders.eu/en/node-4554/after-the-future-makers-call-1-the-project-design-and-call #futuremakers

Ping @SamarAli , can you post a translation of above in everyday Arabic please? and then tweet it out/FB status update? @Hazem @Hegazy

RT> Learn how you can join Darren’s efforts in creating new common land and a commons around agroecological production in the UK https://edgeryders.eu/en/new-common-land-project

READ & RT > @diptisherchan’s fascinating interview portrays Bibeksheel’s earthquake relief in #Nepal https://edgeryders.eu/en/future-makers-nepal/preparedness-goes-a-really-long-way

READ & RT> it’s fascinating seeing a fledgling community  coming together in Bucharest as we tweet https://edgeryders.eu/ka/spot-the-future-bucharest/working-out-loud-great-meetup-yesterday-and

READ & RT>  Pukar’s reflections on balancing immediate relief efforts and not losing sight of political reform in Nepal https://edgeryders.eu/en/future-makers-nepal/preparedness-goes-a-really-long-way

READ & RT> In Cairo next week> How to build models of networked collaboration in the city of 1000 Minarets? Join the conversation Here

Life after relief - how edgeryders ended up in Bhorle? What happened? How can you join the reconstruction effort via reliable people in Nepal? Full story here.

Slowly but surely, Edgeryders members step forward to organise this year’s Living on the Edge gathering. Want to get involved? https://edgeryders.eu/en/unmonastery/living-on-the-edge-5-athens-late-september-2015 #Lote4 #Lote5 #unMonastery

4 - 10 June

Milan Rai (artist involved in temporary toilets’ construction) has joined our first big meetup in Kathmandu on the 5th of June. You can read his story on the Future Makers Nepal and soon also about how the event went. I’ll tell you now, it went very well;)

Georgia’s #futurespotters met up for the 10th time, read what they had to share! https://edgeryders.eu/en/node-4554/georgia-future-makers-meet-up-1-futurespotters-meet-up-10

Synthesis of the LOTE 4 Stewardship discussion through the @Assembl_ tool. Please enrich the discussion through your comments! http://discussions.bluenove.com/edgeryders# 

I feel like there is a need for a social disaster through a bigger earthquake where no one will die and no one’s houses will crumble down but people’s foundations based on jealousy, disharmony, and greed will crumble down. Even today, when we go to build toilets, there are people who refused to let us temporarily use their land to build toilets. Those barriers need to be broken down. - See more at: https://edgeryders.eu/en/future-makers-nepal/organic-magic-conversation-with-milan-rai-part-2#sthash.b2Ocsh2D.dpuf

11- 17 June

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